Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I've been neglectful!

Why in the world do I enjoy something for so long and then "BOOM" I just hate it? I don't know, it must be the ADHD... I'm riddled with it!
I'm also blaming facebook and bejeweled blitz... seriously, what a time SUCK!

I also kinda crashed after the excitement in Charleston. It was a lot of build up to a big thing and then, honestly, I think there needed to be something directly after to keep the fires burning. Not that MY fire isn't still burning! I'm looking for ways to serve, brushfires to start, banners to wave.

We've deviated so far from natural law in this country. Only when we recognize that we can only give government permission to make laws that protect our unalienable rights will we truly be free. Only when our sovereignty is secure can we feel safe and only when we realize that or liberty comes from the Creator, not government, will we be strong. I want to see a return to these principles.

There needs to be fires from within people. Start small. A small amount of people can make a difference. The revolution was won with only 1/3 of the populous supporting it. We don't need to win them over.... we only need to win.

Where is our manifesto? Read the constitution.

*sigh* if only diet pills really worked!