Thursday, March 29, 2007

Template contest!

A real (long) post.

We've had another busy week!
Sunday we had our traditional lunch celebrating pork. This is the day each week that daddy likes to cook, so daddy cooks what daddy likes.... pork products. Now I'm not saying we don't enjoy the bacon! We occasionally have ham steaks, too. Can you say "Heart disease?" yup,, I knew ya could.

While daddy cooked, I walked around the yard and took pictures. It was soooo pretty out Sunday!

Monday. Hmmm, what more can I say about Mondays. Guitar practice came first and then usually we go strait to Band practice but this week the band was meeting at 6pm instead of 3pm. It was more of a rehersal really because they were the "special music" for one of the band member's church revival.

They did a great job! Everytime they play they get better! The Howerton's also sang and that was very nice! They sang Untitled Hymn (Come to Jesus).

Tuesday brought our Easter Celebration at Co-op. The kids were pretty well behaved and there was no cell phones! (YEAH!) They hunted eggs and T2 won a 10$ gift card! WOOT! They also organized a wonderful Seder dinner for us. It really is interesting. I forget the name of the church that came and performed the service for us but I know that they are Messianic Jews. Before and after the meal, the church's dance troop performed. The lady with the scarf on her head is the pastor of their church. I regret that I can't recall her name either. I should have taken notes! She's a homeschool mom too!

Afterwards the dancers took the kids out and showed them a few moves!

I had to knit a hat this week (someone twist my arm! ha ha) but this hat is going to a "Hat and Earring Party" this Saturday. Now let me see if I get this right. Everyone pull out their family trees. My friend's, husband's, cousin's sister is preparing to go through some pretty nasty chemo. It's breast cancer and she's a very young woman.

As always, you'll have to excuse the "Severed Head of Eric Carr" The hat pattern comes from the free Lion library. I've had that ball of Egyptian Cotton hand spun yarn in my stash for ages and this seemed a perfect use for it. It'll be soft and cool for the spring and summer.

And finally, T2 had me take some (very low quality) video of his minnows and water snails. We have one of the speediest snails you've ever seen! I told him we should name one "Flash" and one "Gary" (obscure spongebob reference). If you're still with me, enjoy!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Before I sound like a braggadocio, I just want assert that TIM is responsible for this test. My perspicacity is not quite as great as his, but appreciable, just the same.
Testriffic IQ test

I'll leave it at that before I use another sesquipedalism.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

More fun stuff

My results, try it and get your own!

If you can't see, my pig's name is "Rosie" (on her name tag). She's an Irish pig.

Snail Eggs.... I think.

When we were out on our hike the other day, we scooped up a few minnows and a few water snails. I've been letting T2 keep them in his room by his bed. "Don't get too attached to these fish!" I say. "We took them out of their environment, and they will probably die." So we put them in a fish bowl and we've been feeding them tropical fish food. I've seen the fish eat but the snails eat like crazy! Now look what we have!

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T2 thought they might be fish eggs but with some research, we now believe they are snail eggs. Apparently, snails lay eggs like crazy. Interesting, no? I can't wait to see what develops!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

A dry run

We decided we needed to see if our new tent for this season would actually "set up" so we're doing a camping dry run tonight! LOOKY!

Some daffodils in my front yard! Have fun!

Red Meat.

Here's how it went.
We're at the grocery store acquiring some sustenance when I ask the DREADED question. "What do you children want to eat?" Oh Lord,, how I hate this moment in time. It usually goes
T1- "Anything" (which means, if it's not deep fried chicken fingers I don't want it)
T2- crosses arms and sticks out his tongue. (This makes me want to grab it and pull it out of his head)

Yesterday, it was different. I asked and T1 said "How about Hamburgers!" and T2 said "Yeah!" and I passed out. No, not really but I was sure that this was not happening. You see, my oldest child has never let a piece of red meat pass his delicate taste buds. Then, get this, he says "I eat hamburger ALL the TIME MOM!" Ummm, I've cooked probably 95% of this child's meals. I KNOW he doesn't eat ground beef, or any beef for that matter! I'm serious. He meets the suggestion of hamburgers with vomitous refusal.
I told him "(T1), if you would eat a hamburger, it would change my life!, you're not joking are you?". He replies "MOOOooommmm,, I LOVE hamburger!" I didn't argue, I just bought 3lbs of ground round. The picture above tells the story. He ate that hamburger and I am a new woman!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Marriage Meme

Edited to add- Stephanie reminded me to tag you people! So Reda, Andie and Jessica! You've been tagged!

Look at that sneaky look on his face. What a handsome devil he is!

Marriage Meme

Stephanie tagged me for this meme.

1. Where/How did you meet?
I recall the first time we met but Chris doesn't. Some girlfriends and I were at the mall hanging out at Big Loafer. We hung out there because Danny Burks would slip us free fries and drinks! We were the "young ones" in band (yes, I know, we were (are) total geeks) and some of our older friends from band came in and had a seat across from us. They had someone I didn't know with them! I was intrigued by this tall guy. "Hmmmm, I think he's my next boyfriend" I thought to myself. Little did he know, he was being stalked!

2. How long have you known each other?
Almost 20 years (YIKES!)

3. How long after you met did you start dating?
I don't really remember and I don't really know "when" it was called dating. We were a bunch that constantly ran around in a "pack".

4. How long did you date before you were engaged?
We dated for a good long while. I mean we were BABIES! Chris was deployed to the Gulf War while we were dating and I was still in my senior year of high school. He called me in December of 1990 before he shipped out on the USS Tarawa to the Middle East. They were in Hawaii so I'm sure it was very romantic for HIM! LOL but I said yes anyway!

5. How long was your engagement?
Let's see. December 1990 to August 1992. Almost 2 years!

6. How long have you been married?
This year is the big 15!

7. What is your anniversary?
August 8

8. How many people came to your wedding reception?
Uh, I don't remember, but not many. It was small. 50 maybe?

9. What kind of cake did you serve?
Oh do I remember that cake! It was sooooo pretty. Fresh flowers decorated the entire cake. Torlone's Bakery made it. But I do NOT recall what flavor it was!

10. Where was your wedding?
9th Ave. United Methodist Church Huntington WV

11. What did you serve for your meal?
No real food, just nuts and mints and whatnot.

12. How many people were in your bridal party?
I suppose 5, if you count the flower girl and my cousin who was a jr bridesmaid.
Check the picture out below. You might recognize that Matron of Honor from HERE.

13. Are you still friends with them all?
The majority was family, so I'm stuck with them! LOL

The men- Oh yes, he's still in touch with them all. When times allows of course.

14. Did your spouse cry during the ceremony?
I don't think so, I think we were both more concerned with "doing it right" and not passing out.

15. Most special moment of your wedding day?
We were traveling down the road to our Honeymoon destination and the music that was supposed to have been played at the wedding (The Wedding Song and then right after that, Longer, and then Unchained Melody) came on the radio. It was as if God said "See,, I wouldn't let the day go by without your songs, I waited until you two were alone and could appriciate it!"

16. Any funny moments?
Hmmm,, I guess they are all funny now but they were'nt then! During the reciting of the vows I spaced out a bit and Chris had to nudge me to get me to answer and by that point I forgot what had been asked so I winged it! I don't think anyone noticed! (well,, maybe) then there was the moment I came to the back of the church and I had only requested that ONE song NOT be played. ONE SONG. I came to the back of the church and what did I hear? Ice Castles. I was not happy.
Look at the picture below. I'm so so glad the preacher was blind! No, literally, he was blind and if he wasn't before,,, that cleavage might do it! LOL

17. Any big disasters?
Mom and I exchanged angry glances when I insisted that she go pay the preacher. I didn't want him to leave without being payed! We also got all of our luggage locked up in the trunk of the car. It wouldn't open for anything. We had to pop the lock out of the trunk.

18. Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We went to Columbus OH. Rented a suite at the All Suites Marriot. Nothing crazy.

19. How long were you gone?
A few days.

20. If you were to do your wedding over, what would you change?
Oh yeah. Much less frilly. It would be fun. We're actually thinking about doing it again but we've let our 15th anniversary sneak up on us so maybe next year?

21. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
The very very very left edge!

22. What size is your bed?

23. Greatest strength as a couple?
Chris's ability to put up with me. It's not easy, let me tell you! I'm not screwed on right sometimes and he's ok with that.

24. Greatest challenge as a couple?
Finding time for each other, or any time really.

25. Who literally pays the bills?
I'm so not good at that. Chris has been doing a super job lately.

26. What is your song?
? See #16, Unchained Melody (PRE Ghost! LOL)

27. What did you dance your first dance to?
We didn't dance.

28. Describe your wedding dress:
I made my wedding dress. It was something to do while Chris was away. It kept me focused. I had it cleaned about a month before the wedding and the dry cleaner MELTED IT! I still have it but it's a mess. Mom went up to Barbie's in Milton and bought me a new dress. It sure was frilly. Not really me but I love it just the same.

Today's nature hike

My apologies to all of you guys out there in dial-up land. I had to post some pictures of our hike today!

A CRAZY cute frog we saw

All the animals were posing for us today, wouldn't you agree? I mean LOOK at this turtle!

These (I believe) are Coots.

I was taking a picture of this Red Winged Black Bird on a cattail when he flew off. Kinda of a cool picture!

Some obligatory Canadian Geese.

The "Ts"

Just a cool shot of the creek.

Not the same turtle as above but cute just the same! This one was having a rough time on some rocks and we moved him back into the creek. I hope we didn't thwart any of his travel plans!

Check THIS out! A beaver dam! No sign of the Beaver, but cool just the same!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It was really warm here in WV today! We decided to give our new GPS a whirl and go hunting Geocaches! We located 2 today and we were BEAT after that. The 2 we found involved some MAJOR hiking and climbing. This broken down chubby mama is not cut out for that! The above picture is one that mama decided to sit out. I did end up getting up there but I took the long way around the mountain. I had to take up the goodies for the stash!

The above 2 pics are of T1 and T2 of course. T1 is mega proud of the carving he did on his stick with his pocket knife!

It's hard to tell in this picture but Big Daddy C cracked open some sandstone and found a fossil! All you can see here is the stain but if you look closely you can see the impression of leaves.

We just thought this rock was cool. I wonder if it fell recently? That crack looks pretty fresh. It must have hit pretty hard to crack in that manner!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's been 2 whole days since I've written anything in the ol' blog! What? That seems a little unlikely! Big Daddy C has been home on vacation this week and we've been "being productive". Yikes. I could list all the stuff we did yesterday but I'll just drop it and say one thing, 3 times as much junk as we usually do on Mondays and that's a BUNCH!

Today we didn't have as much to do so we got most of a day's school in. Readin', Writin' and 'Rithmatic. We got a course in of sexual education tonight by watching Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe! It was the special animal episode where they showed all the stuff they had left out of the original episodes. Mostly animals "getting it on" to put it bluntly! LOL. Then they showed how artificial insemination of Kine (Cows) and yes, had to explain to the children what ejaculation was. I think my "matter of fact" attitude towards sex ed is finally paying off. My long held theory is that when anything comes up I'll just give them the info they asked for in a very matter of fact way and act like it was no big deal. That way when they really need to know something they won't hesitate to ask. No one hesitated this evening and I didn't skip a beat. I'm not saying they weren't a little repulsed when I explained it but hey,, it is what it is.

Tomorrow and the next day I have a Dr. appointments. I'm getting the "Grandma" panel tomorrow. Bone Density, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure Screen, CBC, Thyroid, Estrogen, Progesterone, Lipids and Metobolics. YIPPPEEE!!! I'm OLD! (crying on the inside). I recently broke my foot and put a hairline fracture in my hip (just crouching down). Here's a hint for you girls: Yes, you can break your hip and not know it even walk around on it for weeks. It's one of those stupid breaks tho that they can't do much about. Not unlike a broken toe! I *almost* wish that I'd broken something good! Something that they'd have to bandage up and I'd get some recognition for but NOOOoooOOOOoooo,,, I have to break dumb stuff. And for the record, I'm only 34 but I think my OPRAH age is like 94. I haven't checked but I'm pretty sure of it. I'm just sayin'.

Well, in true old lady fashion, I think I'm going to knit a little on the sock I've been working on and turn in early. Night night all!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A little distasteful,, but funny all the same.

The Top Ten Signs That You’re Being Stalked by a Leprechaun:

• Generic-looking green van parked across the street with Notre Dame bumper sticker.
• Every time you turn around the pitter-pattering stops and that green fire hydrant seems to have gotten a little closer.
• Green lipstick marks on the butt of your Dockers.
• You’re being followed by a large woman with a sultry voice and a dying career. (Oops! That’s a sign you’re being stalked by Chaka Khan.)
• You don’t recall owning an anatomically correct lawn gnome.
• Card delivered with the bouquet of 4-leaf clovers reads, “I bet you’re magically delicious!”
• When you come home from work, the potatoes are missing from the cupboard and your parrot is singing “Danny Boy.”
• Prank caller has a really corny Irish accent, and Richard Gere has an airtight alibi.
• Those tiny green hairs on your toilet seat.
• Sultry voice from shower soap dish asks, “Is that your shillelagh, or are you just happy to see me?”
• Pink hearts, yellow moons, blue diamonds scratched on your car at knee-level, and Ross Perot is nowhere to be found.
• Them little green pellets in the litter box ain’t M&M’s, Chester.
• Every day this week you’ve noticed the same buckle shoes dangling just above the floor in the stall next to you.

Which modern president are you most like?

You Are Most Like George H. W. Bush

You're considered boring by people that don't know you well. But like Bush senior, you do crazy things.
Maybe you'll end up banning broccoli in your house, or puking on the Prime Minster of Japan!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Marmet Lock and Dam

Today we traveled up to the Marmet Lock and Dam to have one of the home school daddies explain to us how a lock and dam works. It was very interesting despite the horrible rain. They are building a bigger, better lock so longer barges can go through all at once so he drove us down inside the lock! It was really cool. I cannot believe that I forgot my camera! I found an ariel shot of where we were today though.

The area on the right where the parking lot is, is now gone. That's where we were. It's completely dug out with cauffer walls (what keeps the water back) all around. He also taught us about what the Corp of Engineers calls mitigating. It means doing things for the environment. Creating wetlands and naturalized areas. It was a good lesson.
After that we went onto our main objective! Kanahwa City Yarn Company! I got some Trekking XXL and some Wildfoote. I'm a sucker for sock yarn!
Now I'm tired, really tired. I didn't sleep at all last night! I'm going to grab a 15-20 minute nap and start dinner!
Good eve all!
We haven't accomplished anything "formal" this week (read- actual bookwork) except math. Next week is Dad's vacation but there is lots of things planned for that week chore wise. We may get a few days of book work in but the schedual is still up in the air. This past week has been fraught with field trips, co-op and music lessons. Yesterday should have been a full school day but I "cut loose" on the laundry room and the kitchen. I don't know what got into me but it's clean now! I'm telling you, I MOVED stuff! yes, the UNDER side of stuff is clean! I even ran knick knacks through the dishwasher. We'll call it spring cleaning. Speaking of spring, I took the video below just to record the frog songs. Stephanie, this one's for you!

Some other signs of spring.

T1 woke up early this morning, about 6:45am. He claims that he doesn't know why. I told him not to sweat it, it was a reasonable hour and he could just get an early start.
He said "remember when I had to get up at this time every morning?"
I replied "How could I forget?"
He stretched and I realized that he can almost touch the top of the doorway.
Then he said "yeah, homeschool rocks, regular school is for suckers"
We both laughed. I agree homeschool is indeed "a biggity bonus"

I now feel the need to file a disclaimer. It is a hobby of T1 and I to exchange "CLEAN" urban slang. We end up laughing till we cry. Do me a large and don't judge me!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One more.

Yes I know, three posts in one day. Excessive. I just had to share this! I think it's the best idea ever. You wash your hands with the water that will eventually flush your commode! This is a superior idea for many reasons:
1. You don't have to touch anything (other than the flush handle)
2. The water will run as long as it takes to fill your tank. (Ensuring good handwashing time)
3. Water conservation (if you're into that)
4. I get to use the water that my overly expensive private sewer company charges me for TWO TIMES! YEAH!

These should become standard for public bathrooms. Especially the ones with the auto flushers (which scare the crap outta me all the time btw!)
Here's a link to where you can buy one. The price is very resonable!

The incredible edible egg!

Recently we've been all about not having our food be overly processed. (Full or hormones and pesticides) We bought a pig (and ate it, YUM!) and this year we'd like to buy a cow and a pig. I've also been buying organic free range eggs. Last night I watched an episode of "How it's made". They showed what happens in a hatchery. I may never ever eat industrialized eggs again. It airs again on the 20th of March. Try and catch it, you'll be on my bandwagon, I garuntee ya!
I've been buying my eggs from my best friends son. He's 9 and has a whole peep! At Kroger I was paying $2.89 for 12 organic free range eggs which I seriously doubted were free range or organic. I got 18 from Mason yesterday for $2.00! I ate them this morning and YUMMY! Much better flavor than the ones in the store. They were also HUGE! I was checking them out and I couldn't help but feel for that chicken!

Those are my eggs!
I'm easily entertained, I know.

And for fun, check this out!
The Egg Song!

Tuesday's Gone.....

Tuesday, you see, she had to be free
But somehow I've got to carry on.

Tuesday was another busy day of "NOThome school"! Every other Tuesday is co-op. I'm still on the fence about co-op but the kids seem to like it. We only have 3 sessions left for this year.
WOW! Things are wrapping up fast! Every year around this time we get that mad dash to the finish mentality. Public school, Private school, Home school. It doesn't matter, you just want to get done!

I'm going to state the obvious here and say, I realize I'm intolerant. Anyone who has spent 5 minutes with me knows that. I prefer to think that I'm probably at least as tolerant as 75% of people, I just can't keep it to myself. It's a personality flaw or maybe just plain old immaturity. I'm not intolerant of the BIG stuff. Race, nationality, personal liberty, orientation, and religion. All that stuff and me co-exists nicely. I happen to be irritated and offended by LITTLE stuff. Stuff that should be water on a duck's back. Here's the latest thing that is bugging me. If ya'll don't like reading pittaly vents you can skip this. Rewind to my post on EGGS!

In co-op we see 3 sets of children. 5-6s, 7-8-9s, 10 and up (to what age, I'm unsure). The little ones are hard to handle but the lady I'm in class with reminded me that this is really far stretched from their everyday reality and she's totally right. The 10 and ups, they are pretty great, they WANT to learn stuff so we have lots of fun with them. Now my middle group. Where do I start?! OK, I know exactly where to start. There is one little boy who will NOT STAY OFF HIS CELL PHONE. Yes, his cell phone. Last session his phone rang and I looked at him as he answered it.
I told him he needed to wrap it up and he informed me that it was important and he "had to take it" (the call).
I was confused by this so I told him to take his call in the hall and to hurry up. He was gone FOREVER so I went out and got him.
He was still on the phone with his DAD!
Now you tell ME,, what kind of deal is goin' down between father and son than can't wait?
Well,, whatever, I let it slide. I thought that they might be having some scheduling issues or something but it still eluded me as to why mom wasn't the one taking the call.
Fast forward to yesterday. Our middle class was coming in and we were missing one.
I asked the class "who's not here?" and they told me.
I stepped out into the hall and across the gym I see him.
I call out to him "ARE YOU COMING TO CLASS?" and he turns and gives me the "one minute finger" and now I can see he's on the cell phone again.
I was aghast.
I find this incredibly rude. There will not be a cell phone in my next class. He can give it to his mother.

SHEWWW,,, glad I got that off my chest.

After Co-op we went to the skating rink. It's once a month and the kids look forward to it. We may have to do a birthday party there next month! That was fun and the our friends the Perry's came too! It was such a nice day that we decided to go to the park after that. When it's 78 degress in March in WV, you just CAN'T waste it! Our guys were exhausted and filthy. That's the making of a sucessful day in my book!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday, Monday.......

"Every other day, every other day,
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin' all of the time"

Thought I'd give you a little something annoying to get in your head so you'll think of me until you fall asleep! Does that song date me? I'm so predictable. Every time I'm trying to think of something to type in the Title line, a song comes to mind. When I don't type a song in the title line, I assure you, I'm thinking of one. I'm just trying to refrain!

Monday's are B-U-S-Y here. You all know that. This morning we got up and everyone seemed relatively healthy so we did some mega catch up homeschool work. Usually I write Monday off as I day where we do music lessons all day and forget the rest but I was feeling motivated and the kids didn't even argue with me (much). Each child did 7 lessons in their math books! Wow! They are UBER excited to finish those up. T1 worked on a book report a little and T2 worked hard at being evasive. He succeeded.

Tomorrow is Co-op. More Ireland. I've got lesson material for The Giants Causeway, The Blarney Stone (with Bible lesson on Jacob) and Bunratty Castle

I got nothin' for the little ones. I guess I'll read to them. Perhaps if I get on the "git go" tomorrow morning I can get to the library before co-op.

After Co-op is Homeschool Roller Skating. My kids look forward to that ALL month. My best girlfriend is going to come with us tomorrow too! T1 and T2 are doubly excited that they get to hang with their best friends, Grant and Mason. (See this post)

So tomorrow is going to be a busy day at (home?) school. Do you ever feel like you're never home? I'm home less now than when they kids went away to school!
One of the many side effects of being a schoolmom!