Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A disclaimer

You might have noticed or maybe you didn't, but I occasionally throw in a link that seems a bit disconnected.
I've never claimed to be a skillful writer. There's no doubt that the oldest child takes after me! I like to write stuff down though, I always have. Blogging is a cool way to do that. Blogging also helps me keep track of our school year.
I'm a stay at home mom and all of you know that it's a financial strain for me to work and a financial strain for me NOT to work.
I get paid to blog. You may have noticed the button on my sidebar. It's not barrels of money but it's nice chunk of pocket change. I receive compensation for my posts that include a link to certain clients.
I just felt the need to tell everyone that. You should know when you are being advertised to!
As a personal rule, when I started doing this about a month ago, I decided I was going to work the links into what I was already writing. I am not going to write a special post just because I've been assigned a certain link.
So please be patient with me gentle readers!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

LOL, ok that explains a lot. I was really wondering about that lighting link last week.

How big of a chunk of change, I wonder? Hmmm, my GoogleAds certainly aren't paying anything.