Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hot poker, searing white hot pain, suffering.... you get the idea

A while back, I had a tooth pulled. It was an inevitable thing that could not be rectified by any other means and I was a little freaked out going into it. It turned out to be a piece of cake and I can't believe I didn't do it earlier. So when it came time to have some more pulled (yes, I'm looking at getting a partial, YIKES) I though, "ehh,, this will be nothing" and I kinda looked forward to it. The relief I got afterwards was definately worth it. So yesterday morning I went to get 2 back teeth pulled. I was expecting a similar experiance. WRONGO. They had to call in an oral surgeon and they STILL couldn't pull one of them. You see, I have what is called "hooked root". It's a funky thing that happens when your tooth roots are too long and they curl. Kinda like Howard Hugh's tonails (YUCK! thought I'd give ya'll a fun visual. ha ha ha) It adds to the reason that all my teeth are going bad. It started when T1 crushed my sinus cavity when he was a baby (by head butting me). Then over the next 9 years, my sinuses drained into my "toothal, jawish" area and messed my roots up. Root canals are like flushing $700 down the toilet as the tooth generally explodes so I've got to get them pulled and get some George Washingtons. This should stress me out but they hurt so so so so badly that I don't care. So, back to the oral surgeon. They had to cut my tooth base open to get them out and still couldn't do the one furthest back. They are going to have to put me to sleep to get that one. I'm just going to have them get the rest while they are in there.
T2 had spent the night the night before with a friend so only T1 came with me to the dentist. It hurt so badly the night before that I got very little sleep. When I finally did rest, I managed to oversleep. So I got to my appointment in the nick of time. After that we traveled almost an hour to pick up T2. After hanging there for a bit (and bleeding everywhere,, Sorry T!) we had to pack up and go to Guitar practice. By this time all of my pain meds had worn off and I was a MESS! I HAD to stop by the house before going to band tho because I had dried blood caked in my hair. Wet head and all, I dropped off T1 at band and went directly to Kmart for "the good stuff" aka Lortabs. I would have really liked to have had some percocets but my dentist is a weeny. I came back and could hardly wait for him to get done playing so I could go home, drug up, and NAP! Well,,, I was in such a hurry that I forgot to pay the band director! It's my responsibility to pay him each week for the entire band! SORRY TIM!
I finally got him paid today. I hate it when slackers don't pay, don't you?! ha ha ha.
I'm still whining. I mean WHINING! It hurts so much more this time! We did do a full day of school today tho. We also went to the library to get some books on Ancient Rome for T1. T2 scored a Calvin and Hobbs book that he hasn't read. I even knitted a new hat during my moments of lucidity.
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This weekend they are giving away free knitting needles at the ACMoore here in town if you knit a chemo hat for our local hospital. You know I'm all over that! Please ignore the Eric Carr model head! That's a long story.


Becca said...

You poor thing! There is just no pain like tooth pain. I'm amazed at all you got done in the midst of pain and bleeding. The hat is great. We have a stuffed Paul Stanley on the shelf, so I don't need to ask.

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

What a rough day! Praying for a speedy recovery!