Monday, February 5, 2007

Cold. Did I say I wanted it to get COLD?

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Take a gander at the temperature in the corner of that screenshot in the above picture. 3 stinkin' degrees. Wow, is it ever cold here. I've had cats all over me today trying to stay warm!
The boys have music lessons today and I've got to call the plumber. Waiting around for the plumber that I can't afford is not my idea of a good time. Our plumbing woes started with the back bathroom. That saga can be found HERE. Well, we never really did get it fixed. We thought we'd wait for the tax money and just get the whole kit and kaboodle replumbed. WRONG! I ran the disposal and then started the dishwasher last night and less than a minute later lettuce and "other matter" came shooting up like a fountain out of our back toilet!

Last night Mr. C was cleaning out his "arsenal of democracy" (aka, his gun safe and closet) and found found a set of Vietnamese Camo. What does he do? Tells T1 to go put it on. How sad is it that it fits?! T1s a pretty tall boy but he's 10! The Vietnamese must be tiny tiny people.

The Rolls Family over at Wisdom Home Academy posted some great reasons to keep your kid in public school. TOO FUNNY!

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