Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This past weekend

I had a weekend away! It was so much fun! My best friend and I went to Columbus OH to see Glenn Beck's Inconvienent Tour.

We left around 10am on Friday morning and drove by our coat tails. We don't need no stinkin' maps! Well,, I take that back,, I did scratch out a small map of where our hotel was located but other than that,, how hard can it be? Not hard at all! Our first stop was to get some breakfast. Chick-fil-A baby! YUM!

Our trip up was ALMOST uneventful! Just outside of Columbus where the speed limit goes from normal to nothing,,, I got a ticket. A doozey too! I'm trying to take it in stride. The cop was really nice and it coulda been a lot worse.

So we get to our hotel with relative ease, but feeling like a rat in a maze we kinda lost inside the parking garage. We decided to plot the place out to see where we were going before lugging our bags out of the car. It's such a cool area. The Hyatt on Capitol Square, the City Center Mall, Resturants, the Ohio Theater were all connected! And just let me say..... the Hyatt? (best Ferris Bueller voice here) "If you have the means, I highly suggest you stay there,, it is SO choice". After we got our bearings, we went back down to the car to get our luggage and PILLOWS AND BLANKETS. Oh God,, we are such hicks. So we're in the elevator and a little boy says "are you guys camping out?" Yeah, we got burnt by an 8 year old. SO sad. I just said,, "No, I just like to have my own stuff is all"

I hope his mom spanked him! ha ha ha.
After we lounged in our 12th floor beautiful hotel room for a while we got ourselves together and went to the mall. It's a lame mall but I bought some sweet shoes. Isn't that what a girl's weekend is all about? buying shoes?

Next was dinner. We were meeting a bunch of other Glenn Beck -o- philes. That's always a little unnerveing isn't it? Meeting up with people you don't know? Well this time it could not have gone better. What a super bunch of people! We enjoyed ourselves immensely.

New Friend Carol

Bestest friend Tarah-
Dave- The creative super genius who made Flat Glenn! More on that later! New friend Sandi, hammin' it up for the camera!

Finally, the show. It was VERY funny and the Ohio Theater is really pretty. We had break neck seats but it was all good.

It was next to impossible to get a decent picture in that place.

After the show we sat around with our new found friends and talked politics and life. I had a few beers and we all had a lot of laughs. MAN, did I sleep hard that night! That bed was SOOOOO comfy!Tony!

The next morning we met up again and went to breakfast at a great little place called "The Queen Bee" It's a little Greek deli about a block over from E. State St.. It came recommended by one of the hotel staff and the food was plentiful, delicious, and the price was right! We had already checked out from the hotel so we decided to go ahead and hit the road. Just outside of Columbus we hit a Kroger in search of Gaeters Ice Cream. AWWWHhhhh,, YEAHhhh. It IS everything it's cracked up to be! Stuffed it in the cooler and headed home, AT the speed limit this time!

We Glenn Beck fans have a "Flat Stanley" going around the country but ours is "Flat Glenn". The Glenn Beck insiders have a disproportionate amount of homeschoolers in their ranks. Here's Glenn with "Flat Glenn" Our new friend Dave drew and colored him!

And finally,, your's truely,, with Flat Glenn. FG will be coming to our house soon and we plan on taking him on a whirl wind tour of WV!

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~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Hi!! Glad to see you're still alive. I've missed your posts. :) I can't believe you made it to Columbus w/o a map (not that it's hard to do, LOL) but you got lost in the PARKING GARAGE! They can be rather maze-like, can't they? ;)