Saturday, January 20, 2007

toilet troubles

Now I have renewed vigor. I have my tummy full of Super China Buffet takeout. Ask MARY. She'll tell you, it's truley a glorious thing. I will attempt my post from yesterday. Not that you were missing anything really.

Our back bathroom toilet has been on the fritz. About a month ago massive amounts of poo came shooting up throught the sink and the tub. Loverly eh? Aren't you glad you know that? Anywhoo, dozens of trips under the house to recreate the plumbing were made. Turns out that our contractor didn't glue the pipes together some 9 YEARS AGO! "Human discard" has been pouring out onto the ground for Lord knows how long. We thought we had it fixed. A few days later during a shower I heard the toilet say "glug,,,,,, glug, glug, glug,, GLUG". I did some research, dh did some research, friends and family were called on. We came to the conclusion that the pipes were not "venting" correctly. After trying to fix it ourself and ending up with another royal mess (I'll spare you), Roto Rooter was called. And called again,,, and called again. They were out here 3 times in one week! The toilet still glugged but everything was flushing fine so we thought we'd live with it for a while. WELL DON'T DO THAT NEIGHBORS! Because we are back to square one! You guessed it. The other day poo shot up through the plumbing again.
I couldn't use our shower. Not because it was poopy,, I cleaned that. I couldn't use it because the water wouldn't drain and it backed up into the toilet. So I went into the boys' bathroom to discover that they had been showering with their liner hanging from ONE GROMMET. Oh Lord,, please tell me,, are they mentally challenged? have you decided that giving someone more than they can handle might be at least entertaining to watch? So, I rigged it up and bathed.
Friday morning I woke up at 5am and went to walmart. Yes cartooners,,, 5 *AM*. Because I remembered that there was not a reasonable shower curtain in the front bathroom. So off I went. Did some shopping whist there and made it back by 6am. Upon coming home, I took to cleaning the bathroom I so infrequently visit (big mistake btw) so it would be sanitary for adult use. I got on a roll and cleaned the laundry room, kitchen and living room too. At 7am it was time for me to get ready for work. I came home at 11:30am with the worlds biggest headache and acheyness all over. I tried to lay down but I felt awful. So no,, not much was learned here at Back Yard Academy Friday. We all learned that plumbing will not heal itself. It's a lesson everyone should heed.
It's supposed to finally snow here tonight. I seriously doubt it but we'll see. My almost 8 year old has yet to see a serious snow. How sad is that?! But they say the storm's a 'comin and the picture today is photographic proof! It was taken from my car window on the way to the Super China Buffet! Cool how the lights streaked huh?
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