Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Garden

We have delusions of grandeur when think of our homesteading skills! We put in our first garden last year and it was a real learning experience. (Read- it didn't turn out so good!) I already know this year's garden is better. It's amazing what little things that you don't know how to do when you are an entire generation away from a skill. My parents didn't garden and neither did my grandparents that I can remember. So I guess that I'm at least 2 generations away. I remember seeing my husband's grandmother's garden when we were first married. I hear her thumb was very green!
Today I asked my friend what to do about all the little sprouts of grass coming up. She said "uh,,, you gotta a hoe?"
:::Smacks forehead:::
Of course.
Here's another problem we've been encountering.

Farmer T2 watering some wilty broccoli while Dad puts in the fence. That old watering can weighs a TON when it's full!

T1 was taking the pictures this evening. He can't help it, he's my kid. An "artsy fartsy" picture. I call this one "Thirst". LOL

Maybe this will deter the deer?

The "Fence Master"


Linda Muse said...

Hey Crystal,
It's been awhile since I visited your blog "in person." I've enjoyed catching up with you and what is going on.

I love the music on your blog! I guess I'm gonna have to open a new tab to continue surfin' so's I can just listen!


.. Dallas Meow >^^ said...

Happy Mothers Day!