Sunday, May 13, 2007

Saturday Hike

I realize that a lot of these pictures are starting to look the same. I apologize for that but it's our favorite place to go on a Saturday! This week when we were checking out the beaver dam, we had high hopes to see Mr. Beaver. We didn't but as we were standing there very quietly observing we thought it was going to be our lucky day! Check out the video! Chris and the boys say it's the "worst youtube video Ev-ah!"

Here's the actual dam. I'm not sure if I've posted a picture of it before.

After going to Greenbottom we drove up to Mason Co. We took the boys to the McClintic Game Reserve for a hike (of Mothman fame!) We didn't see much. We did catch a glimpse of some kind of water mammal. It could have been a beaver or a muskrat or even a fresh water otter, we couldn't really tell. I couldn't get a picture, it was kinda far away.
After that we drove into town and took a few shots by the statue.
T2 wouldn't stand by it. He was totally freaked out!
I got another cute picture of that giant frog at Greenbottom. I love this frog!

Awwwwhh,, Goslings!

Check this little guy out! He had NO fear of us. If you can't see in the picture, he's dark blue. According to the Field Guide to the Birds of North America

He's a Male Spring Coated Tree Swallow.
Oh, and on the bird front,, I saw 2 heron, 2 cranes and 1 turkey buzzard. Ok, Turkey Buzzards, NOT my favorite but they are a really big bird so I can't exclude them completely.
Last but not least, I just loved these two shots. The sunlight was really pretty early yesterday morning.

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