Monday, May 21, 2007

LONG weekend.

Long weekends can be fun, and exhausting.

My husband competes in the North-South Skirmish Assoc. This requires frequent road trips during the warm months of the year. We try to make it to as many as life will allow!

The N-SSA is essentially a black powder shooting competition. The participants also form teams and dress the part. It celebrates the civil war in much the same way that re-enacting does. In recent years it has become much more family orientated. There is a women's dress competition and a BB rifle competition for the under 16 set!

We estimate that there was about 3000 people in attendance this year. Black powder for as long as you could see!
This past weekend we traveled to Winchester VA. We did so via the Maryland route and it took us just under 6 hours. The weather was wonderful while we were there! We like to camp with the rest of the team, so the good weather was definitely welcome! We also got to try out our brand new tent. WOW was it nice to be able to stand up and get dressed for once! Trying to put on a pair of wool slacks in a short little tent is a site to behold!

While we were there in Winchester we hit a nice little miniature golf course with the kids. It was so much fun! Everyone played pretty equally but Daddy won with score of 76 on an 18 hole course! We also went to the Apple market. I bought a 1/4 peck of Fuji apples and man..... are they YUMMY!

Here's a video of one relay of the competition

We didn't think we'd ever get home. Why is it that the trip back home seems to take so much longer? There was also a bad traffic snag above Charleston (big surprise!) that tied us up for over an hour. We were on the road for probably 12-13 hours this weekend. Too much if you ask me!


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

cool stuff!! Looks like such a fun weekend... but my family would so-o-o-o beat your family in putt-putt! LOL

Vicki said...

Are ya'll coming up to the Blue and the Gray Reunion in Philippi next weekend???

Vicki H.

crystal said...

No, but we've been wanting to get out to that one. Maybe we'll be able to get it on the schedual next year! I'll be sure and look you up next time we get up there!

Scribbit said...

I loved studying about the Civil War--I used to work on a research project at the National Archives when we lived back east and it got me hooked.