Thursday, June 19, 2008

Glenn Beck 08 Unelectable.

The weekend went wonderfully! My friend Sandi's house was easy to find and it was a very easy drive. Canton, OH is literally just get on I-64 and drive north! 64 turns into 77 and 77 practically turns into Sandi's driveway!

I went up on Friday morning and was one of the last to arrive. Everyone was even more anxious than I was to get this weekend long party rollin'! We went to a place called Papa Bears for Dinner and it was wonderful. Real Italian food. Yummy. Initially we had planned to go back to the hotel where everyone was staying to hang out with them but a huge storm had knocked out the power to half of Canton. So Sandi, Carol, John and I went back to Sandi's to rest up for our big day on Saturday.

We went to the convention center in Akron and had a light breakfast with Glenn and his crew. It was very nice. I'm always amazed at how nice he is in real life. He really took a lot of personal time with us and it was really cool. Our gang had this big idea that we would wear Russian hats to the convention. If you've listened to the show at all, Glenn has this "Comrade" schpeal going on that is hilarious. He got a big kick out of it!
Can I brag a minute? I got a hug and a kiss from Glenn Beck. Oh yeah,, oh yes I did! LOL
After that we went to another local restaurant called The Waterloo. Now THAT was good! I thought it was funny tho that they called their place "the Loo". Isn't that what the British call their toilets?

After a late lunch / early dinner we went directly to the show. Best. Show. Ever. Seriously! This one was really good. He's going to broadcast his Dallas show on July 17th to 300 theaters. The closest one to us is in Ashland KY.
I just bought 5 tickets. It's that good!
The theme of the show is "Beck08 Unelectable" and it is all political humor.
This time we all wore silly red white and blue stuff. The girls wore blinking tiaras and the guys wore campaign stumper hats. When John Bobby came out to introduce Glenn, he pointed to us and said "I see some of the insiders have taken out a little "fun" insurance,,,, not a bad idea" "their making their own entertainment"!
We were in the front row, Golden Circle tickets. I call it the "spit row" as Glenn tends to get a little "excited"! Wear a raincoat! No really, an umbrella isn't a bad idea!
There were 3 girls sitting a few rows behind us that had B E C K on their tshirts. The "person" wearing "K" was a blow up doll. Apparently their fourth "Beck Babe" skipped out on them. Funnier yet?,,, they were from Huntington WV!
They got on Youtube

I have tons of pictures but Photobucket has been giving me fits and they're not on my new LAPTOP! Oh yeah,, that's right,, I'm using my new laptop! whoo hoo! So for now, I'll just swipe a few pictures from friends.

I'll have to tell you someday about the evils of Verizon and HP tech support but it's working right now and life is GOOD!

So Sunday we were all exhausted. We got up and went to Cracker Barrel to say our goodbyes until the fall. We had an awesome time. I can't wait until we get together again!

Those are my newest friends Ally and Ruth. They're from Salt Lake City and Ally is a professional flautist! Both she and Ruth are fabulous musicians.

Anywhoo..... I'll post more on this later. I can't wait until I find out who has the picture of me with Glenn! I know it'll be awful but I want it anyway!


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Stephanie said...

Hey I know those places :)

If you go up that way again take OH 7 to Marietta to catch I-77. It is about 45 minutes faster. We will be heading that way Friday night!

Lara, the Neurotic Att'y said...

Hey! I know that "E"!