Saturday, June 7, 2008

T2's New Hobby

It may not be a "hobby" so much as an obsession. T2 loves Star Wars and Legos. When his friend introduced him to minifig videos on Youtube he had to know how to make his own. We searched for a few tutorials online and after an afternoon of playing around he came up with this

He did it all by himself! I knew that a monster had been created. I let him use my camera and we've been through 4 sets of batteries. Thank goodness for rechargables! The above was only about 50 frames. He tried again and put this one up without any hints from me at all!

That one was about 80 frames. I like the "The End" at the end, don't you? Nice touch. I think I'll show him how to do it with clay today! Stay tuned for that show stopper! LOL Watch out Spielberg and Lucas, you have a 9 year old hot on your trail!
Have you seen this commercial?

Funny. Very appropriate because I'm supposed to tell you that you can find the best buy at today!

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Becca said...

I've had this post saved like forever in my bloglines, waiting to show it to Alex. He finally watched it yesterday and thought it was so cool! Where did you find tutorials?