Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stuff I would never cook in a zillion years.

Ok, while I was waiting for some pictures to upload I decided to check out what was new on Key Ingredient. I've come across some awesome recipes there!

And then... there's this one.

Barbecued Baby Octopus With Giant Lima Beans In Vinaigrette

Let's go over what is totally fail about this:

  • Octopus. Need I say more? Ok,, I'll say more. BABY octopus. Now, I've eaten baby octopus before and it IS everything you think it is. Chewy, flavorless, and the head part has cartiledge in it that is WAY gross.
  • Lima Beans. I'm a fan of most foods (obviously,, just look at me) but lima beans are gross. Two wrongs STILL don't make a right. If you combine two gross foods it does not make them tastey.
  • Do you see all the ingredients? Wow... too many.
  • Do you even know what "boiled with a cork" means? I've never heard of that.
  • 3/4 of an hour? Who says that? 45 minutes perhaps?
  • Ok, not only does it take almost an hour to boil the suckers (ha ha ,, I kill me) then you have to grill them until their crispy? Isn't this a lot of work for flavorless octopi?
  • It says to pile the limas in the middle of the plate and arrange the octopi around the edges. Do they think they're going to fool us into thinking this is a lovely dish? FAIL.
  • Oh, and GIANT lima beans? Can it get any worse?

    Barbecued Baby Octopus With Giant Lima Beans In Vinaigrette

    See Barbecued Baby Octopus With Giant Lima Beans In Vinaigrette on Key Ingredient.

Now,, I'll try anything once. Like I said earlier, I've eaten baby octopus, ON PURPOSE. But I'm not trying this dish.



I love funny t shirts don't you? Octopi and Lima Beans on a t shrit would be funny!



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Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Deep fried octopus isn't bad.

crystal said...

Tim, it's not GOOD either! LOL