Saturday, June 21, 2008

We need a decent gun range.

T1's middle name is Remington.
T2's middle name is Colt.

As in, Eliphalet Remington, the designer of the Remington Rifle and Samuel Colt, the man who popularized the revolver.
So yeah.. we like guns.
Since the boys were old enough to understand, Chris has been pounding gun safety into their heads. As a result, our kids are the most safety conscious kids I've ever seen (next to daddy of course).
We believe the key to responsible gun ownership is education and respect, not fear, but I'll step off my soapbox for now.
I say all of this because I needed to preface the next few pictures.

We all decided to go out and fire some rounds a few weeks ago. Chris said he didn't like going to this particular range because "N'ere do wells" and "malefactors" hung out there. But it's our closest range (Which is hardly close at all) and we let our private range membership lapse (like dummies).

He wasn't kiddin. The first thing we came upon before even getting to the range was an older man with a bunch of ammo/guns/junk laid out on the hood of his car and he was obviously showing some woman how to shoot,,,,, into the unprotected hillside. Moron.

You can't just fire a gun into the woods without knowing what's back there!! Heck,, you shouldn't do it even if you KNOW what's back there. But I digress.

So we went out to the range and it did not disappoint. The only other people there were an older man and a younger man who were together. Now,, I'm going to go ahead and stereotype a little here. Dude was sportin' a "wifebeater" and his dad was completely toothless. Do I need to say more? UGH.

They were firing on some empty milk jugs and mountain dew 20 oz bottles.
I was watching them and the bottles (at about 25ft) never even quivered. Good shots, these two.
Here Chris is trying to set good examples of range etiquette and these morons acted like they were handling squirt guns! They kept walking out on the range without saying "down range!" or anything. It was making Chris's blood boil, I could tell. He made a few comments but they ignored us completely.
Finally, Chris was hovered over T2, spotting him before he shot the AR15, and I heard him say, "go ahead, you're ready, the safety is off, when ever you're ready, go ahead" and I saw T2 look to his right and say "Dad?"

There were those 2 morons out on the range again.

Chris LOST IT. I mean LOST IT. A longer stream of screaming and cursing I haven't heard in,, well,,, ever. He was screaming stuff like "I'M SURE THAT THERE'S SOMEBODY OUT THERE WHO LOVES YOU!!! WE ALMOST PUT YOU IN THE GROUND YOU #$%^%$ #$%^^ #$%$%" AND "IT'S PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO ARE GOING TO GET OUR RIGHTS TAKEN AWAY" and lots of other things that are not for polite company. I got a teensy bit of it on video because I was recording it for the boys to watch later. When he started screaming, I instinctively shut it off. I wish I'd recorded the whole thing but Chris is glad I didn't. He's a bit embarrassed to say the least. If you'll recall in this post , he had a very loud conversation with the neighbors and now this. I told him it was getting to be a habit and he was going to have limit his "ripping people a new one" to once a month! LOL It's just not like him!

The reason I decided to write on this is that earlier this week a local pastor was murdered at the same range. It was determined to be a robbery. N'eredowells. Malefactors. Scumbags. How absolutely horrible for this man's family. My heartfelt condolences to them, his loved ones and his parishoners. It's a very remote area of Beech Fork State Park with no security.
Way to go buttfaces... you've probably screwed it up for everyone now. Thanks.


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Lawanda said...

I will admit to you right now that I am not a fan of those types of guns in your pic.

BUT. I do agree that idiots like you describe are the reason people are so against guns.

I love your kids' middle names :)

Rachel said...

That's Funny!