Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th!!

Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day! Ours was rainy and dreary but not too bad. We got up early this morning and went blackberry picking. Much to our dismay (and to our suspicion) the berries were not ripe yet. Didn't matter. We always love going to the swamp and looking at all the wildlife and plants. I spotted a few heron and that always makes me happy! We didn't get to look too closely at anything as it was pouring most of the time.

We'll try again next weekend for berries I guess. I hope the birds don't get them all before then! The birds have eaten well this year. First the locusts and now all the canes seem to be loaded down with berries!

We opted against going to see the fireworks at Barboursville Park this evening. It's just raining too hard. It rained last year too but it was tolerable because we were with friends. This year we decided it wasn't worth it. Chris did dig up a few sparklers and fountains from last year in the garage though! He also let the boys light them with a little supervision. The pictures stink, but keep in mind that it was raining and of course the camera couldn't focus in the dark!


Do you need new door hardware? I certainly do!


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