Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We're Doing Swimmingly Thank You!

Today was a co-op meet up so we went to a friends house with a gaggle of other homeschoolers.

They swam. We ate and chatted. It was a good time!

I've been noticing something over the last few months. The amount of homeschoolers in our area seems to be exploding! Or is it just me? I mean, it's great but I'm not sure if I should be a little freaked out or really excited.

Why would I be freaked out? Well, lets use homeschooling as a barometer for how the schools are serving our children and families. If this many people are pulling their kids out or choosing never to send them, then there is an epic problem. It makes me very grateful that we still have this option.

This isn't news to me of course or any of the other local homeschoolers for that matter. We acted on the inadequacy of the public schools already by choosing to learn at home. I hope that these new homeschoolers find it as rewarding as we have.

On other fronts. How do you know you're a homeschooler? When a bug flies in and lands on mom's head late at night, you drag the kids out of bed to identify it!

This big old booger flew in last night because I had the windows open to let in the cool air.

A Stag Beetle. Nice thing to find, huh? It was very shiney tho! It had a very pretty shell.


Due to some irresponsible financial reporting by Harry Reid, there was a run on Indy Bank in California. Thanks Alyce!


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wildwoodflwr said...

*shudder* if that thing flew into my home the last thing in the world I would be worried about is identifying it. Seriously... I didn't sleep at all one night because I saw a spider on the ceiling and was worried there would be more and they would all collectively decide to crawl into my open sleeping mouth.

But I really do think it's great that you are giving your children the best opportunities they can have by homeschooling. It's actually made me seriously consider whether or not I would want to do this with my future (as yet not even conceived) children.