Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another Busy Week Behind Us,, Another One Ahead.

This week hasn't been too bad. Next week will be busier, as will this weekend. You know, I've kept many planners and calendars in the past but I always set them up and then never write anything in them. Not so much this year! I swear there is NO ROOM left in October. Well, I take that back. I intentially leave Thursdays clear, that's my catch up day.

Monday- We had band class. We had to be there early this week because of the monthly parent meeting. Not too bad of a day.

Tuesday- Blissfully slow. I went to my housecleaning job for about 4 hours, came home and recuperated, we did school late in the evening. No big deal, we're all sharper in the evenings anyway.

Wednesday- Spanish class and school work

Thursday- NOTHING! whoo hoo! We did run errands, school work, and rehearsed the boys Project Day presentation.

Friday- Project Day. We ended up being there too early and had a nice lunch with Steven and Glenna. More errands.

Saturday- Need to go to the Home Depot and get some wood for science club and then we're going on a hike at the family property.

Sunday- Lucasville Flea Market! Gonna pick up a few new chickens.

Monday 13th- Lunch meeting with friends. Band class at 4pm.

Tuesday 14th- House cleaning job and then a Birthday party.

Wednesday 15th- Spanish Class at 9pm and then Science club at 11:30

Thursday 16th- NOTHING! Woot!

Friday- The Corn Maze 11:00am.

That weekend of the 18/19th I have 2 knitting groups to attend. I'd say that's too much but wow.... I really need it.


Need a tv lift cabinet? Yeah, me neither.



Lawanda said...

Wow you all are BUSY!!! :-D

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That sounds like my life. The only thing I have planned most weeks is Monday: Grocery Shopping. By 10A on Monday morning, my week goes from 0 to Hell in a Handbasket. LOL. This week will be even a tighter squeeze because Monday is a holiday and I probably won't shop until Tuesday. Should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Anonymous said...

I have that exact same planner.

crystal said...

It's the greatest,, is it not?