Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Grown-uped-ness

I mentioned the other day that I barely recognize Thomas anymore. This is bittersweet of course. Life is cruel ya know. On the one hand you want them to grow up and get out but on the other hand watching it happen is hard. Life is also cruel because the plan was (in my head anyway....) that they would grow up and leave me so that I could buy a pair of Harleys and Chris and I would keep the roads hot.
Now I'm too old and achey to fathom hurting myself. I just don't heal like I used to!
Youth is wasted on the young!
This year my kids said "NO EASTER BASKETS" Ugh... they stink. They suck all the pleasure right out of my life. LOL They wanted cold hard cash. Fine. I should be grateful, it's easier but there was something very anti-climactic about it. They're happy tho and that's what matters on a day like Easter. I guess we did get something Easter-y
We got baby chicks!!!
Our plan was that we would get hens but there were none to be had. Well,, none that didn't have one talon in the grave so we decided to just brood up our own. Oh, baby chicks are so sweet! We got two Barred Rocks and two Buff Orpingtons. By fall we should have a dozen eggs every other day,,,, IF.... none of them are roos. We were assured they were all pullets but we shall see. We have no need for roosters!
I also took an Easter Portrait of the boys:
Domestic Terrorists? No.... but according to some we are! LOL

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