Saturday, November 15, 2008


Seriously. Who can afford to eat these days? We did our grocery shopping today and it was insane. We spent half as much as we would have on gas but we're spending more on food. The food is about to break the bank.

I won't even tell you what we spent today and last week and the week before, it's totally embarassing. I'm ashamed. I will tell yo that I am resovled to do better.

The first thing I need is a plan. I need to know what we're eating that week.

The second thing I need is a list. No "oh wow! it's on sale, let's get it" purchases.

The third thing I need is an organized coupon system.

The fourth thing I need is time to go to the store ALONE. The shopping should not be a family project. The family feels like they need to go so they don't miss out on any prime snack food. This is costing us.

The next thing I'm thinking about is . Does anyone do this? I saw a lady on the local news the other night who is feeding a family of 6 on $50 a week. I investigated our area's offers and the only one I'd really use was Kroger. I'm not too thrilled with the price either. There is a monthly fee.

I'm trying to console myself with reminders that we eat every meal at home. I cook at least 16 meals a week. That's a lot of groceries. The boys are eating more than ever too.

*sigh* I don't know. I just know something has to give.

How am I ever going to be able to afford vacation rentals at this rate? LOL


Stephanie said...

I've not tried the coupon game and am not 100% about what all they provide, but I do use a lot. It is a free forum and they post a lot of the weekly flyers. Many of the moderators also post where to find coupons to match the fliers. If the moderators don't do it then members often do.

But my favorite grocery saver is Aldi. :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm very cheap by nature. I try to keep my list updated throughout the week and I tend to buy/make the same meals on a 2 week rotating basis. I buy generic when possible and only use coupons for name brand things I would use regardless (Tide detergent, Cascade dish detergent, etc.).

justjuls said...

I totally stink at this too and if it makes you feel any better - I spent $170 this past week - and I went in with a concise little list and hoped to keep it under $100. I have NO IDEA how these women do the $50-$60 for their families. We'd be near starving. I like the Grocery Cart Challenge blog - it has a lot of great ideas - but I still have NO idea how she does the $50-60 a week. None. I'm clueless.

Deeners said...

I haven't used it yet, but my MIL pointed me at this site. Might prove to be a way to alleviate the food costs.

crystal said...

Sorry it was so slow to publish the comments. All my comment moderation alerts have been going in my spam folder lately for some reason.
I too have know clue how these women do it. I some mega picky eaters in my house. I have a husband who won't eat any kind of veggy, fruit or cheese (EVER) and I have another kid who won't eat anything with any kind of slimey texture or sauce. Then there's me and I like everything. I love to cook but it sucks in my house. Also, if I bought nothing but what I had coupons for we'd all be dying of heart disease with the preservative and salt in the prepackaged food.
I want coupons for Milk and Meat and Bread!!!!

crystal said...

Oh, and Stephanie. I'll have to check out Hotcouponworld again. I've tried in the past and I've just gotten overwhelmed.

Stephanie said...

It can take a bit to get used to. If you want Kroger we are in the Mid-Atlantic division. Just loo for the tab or the week. The highlights usually go up on sunday and then people add the coupons they've used to match.

Quite honestly I don't get the $50-$60 a week. That is about what I spend, but I buy almost no meat or veggies since raise a lot of that ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Crystal... I have used Thegrocerygame and it does help save money, but I use a better service that's cheaper! My affiliate link is on my blog under hobbies. Anyway, its only like $12 a year for the "online access" and that's what you'll need. You'll get the same info you could get from thegrocerygame BUT its posted in real time as deals are found PLUS a list of major chains like Kroger, Giant Eagle, CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid... a week BEFORE the sale starts. (This gives you time to gather the coupons you'll need!) Hope this helps