Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It snowed a bit last night. Nov. 17th. Just as a matter of record, we had a bit of accumulation on Nov. 16th last year! I love this blogging thing! Now I can really see the benefit of keeping a diary. I can see why so many have done it for so long. It's really cool to look back and see when the first snow fall was on the previous year or how motivated you are to start school.
Today we have a smidge more than a dusting. It's supposed to snow/rain all day today. We also have schoolwork to complete and many errands to run.
I have to get my glasses tightened, go to the store, and take the kids skating.
If we're going to do all of that, we better get at it! Just had to make a note of the weater for today!

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Stephanie said...

When we got up this morning the kids were so excited. We got quite a bit up here. I on the other hand just wanted to crawl bac into bed.