Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Busy Week

I sound like a broken record don't I?
Monday- Band
Tuesday- Skating
Wednesday- Science Club
Thursday- lessons? Appleton? Appleton? Anyone?
Friday- Field trip to the Post Office.
Saturday- big day of shopping and eating sushi. Mmmmm sushi.

None of the above is really a big deal except Wednesday. Wednesday is a huge deal because I have nothing prepared for it. NOTHING. Anyone have any cool science experiments for middle school kids that require very little time and supplies?
Yeah,, no?,, me either.

Our field trip last week to the Power Wagon factory was awesome. They were so excited to have us and we were excited to be there.
The Power Wagon is just a marvel. It hooks up to the back of any vehicle and makes and stores electricity while you drive! It's an amazingly simple idea but took years and years of recalibrating to just the right specifications. The really cool part is that now matter how fast or slow you're going, frontwards or backwards.. it charges the battery. It's an amazing thing and it's going to be huge. I feel really privileged that we got to meet the inventor because some day he's going to be in the history books!
Check out the website
Out of floor space? Need that big TV up and out of the way? Look into a LCD mount .


Twippy said...

Diet Coke + Mentos = Fun Science Experiment

crystal said...

We love that one but we've done it so many times! It's getting a bit tired. We've built hovercrafts, learned how to apply surgical hardware in cadaver bones, built flashlights and electrical circuit experiments, build models of DNA, extracted DNA, a whole day of air pressure experiments, and probably other stuff that's escaping me.
These kids are getting harder and harder to impress! LOL That's a good thing tho. I'm thinking of doing a quicksand day. That oughta be fun.

Deeners said...

Ooooooo! Quicksand day and the cornstarch and water thing. Where it is part liquid and solid. Mythbusters did a thing where they filled a small pool with the mixture and they could walk across it because with pressure it becomes a solid. But if you stand on it for too long you will sink.

or the extracting DNA from strawberries using borax and something else. That is a fun one.

BTW, I don't think I ever mentioned but if you ever want someone to talk about Forensic Science, I could come visit. I could even consider it work time since I am educating about forensic science.


crystal said...

Oh. My. GOODNESS. Would you? That would so rock! Seriously. I'll contact you and we'll set something up!

goodnessgraciousWV said...

Have you done any of the Aurora Lipper things?? For science/book club a couple of weeks ago we let them just mix up all sorts of things to see what happened. With middle schoolers they could actually PAY ATTENTION and take notes and EXPLAIN some of the chemistry... We used ice cube trays, alcohol, peroxide, soap, alum, soda, salt, vinegar...

grace :)

crystal said...

We actually have done quite a few Aurora Lipper things. That website motivated the first science club when we built the hovercraft.

Stephanie said...

Am I missing something about Thursday?