Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Big Old Saturday.

Today was fun. It was also exhausting and frustrating but mostly fun.
It is friend T's birthday today so that means lunch and shopping. My dear sweet husband has grown to expect that this is what happens on either of our birthdays and he's very accommodating.

I left the house at 9:30 AM this morning to pick up some last minute gifts for T and a card (yeah,, I'm a slacker). She's going to let me borrow said gift when she's done with it. Yes,,, she is. ha ha (she doesn't know this yet) We met just before noon and hit the mall with only 2 goals:
Running Shoes (for me)
A Cute Shirt (for her)
We scoured that entire mall. We finally did come out of Sears with shoes but the shirt is still eluding us. Everything out there is just total CRAP! I mean,, seriously? $54.00 for something I wouldn't buy at Kmart? Come ON! Everything on sale or clearance was about 6 inches too short. Don't think you've got me fooled fashion industry,, I know where you're skimping.
About 3pm we needed a break.
Time for food!!!
We usually go eat sushi and that was the plan today too except we wanted to try the new Shogun Steak House. We had no idea what we were getting into. I'd never been to a Hibachi house before and had to essentially have the waitress hold my hand through every choice. She was very gracious. I asked her one time "well, what do YOU eat here?" she replied "I don't eat here, it's too expensive!" ha ha ha,, you gotta love that honesty!
So the chef (who was named Pablo Martinez and only knew about 50 English words, 45 of which were the names of 80s Hair Bands) was doing his thing, throwing knives in the air, tossing eggs into his hat and all of the cool stuff they do when he laid a large slice of onion on the grill. He reversed the order of the slices with his knife so it formed a little cone, filled the cone with oil and then lit it on fire. The fire was like a little volcano shooting flame way into the air. He threw a knife into the air and caught it pointing at the little volcano saying "HOME DEPOT!!!"
Well, I thought,, I MUST have heard him wrong,, I must have! So we sat there watching the rest of his performance when the table behind us was coming to the same part in the show. I saw their chef light their volcano and exclaim "HOME DEPOT!!"
OH. MY. GOD!!!
Apparently they all misunderstood during training because I think they were supposed to be saying "VOL-CANO!"
Funniest thing I've ever heard.
The food was very very yummy and the sushi was superb. It was a bit on the pricey side but really? you're paying for dinner and a show so you can't beat it!

After dinner we continued shopping. We never did find a shirt and I didn't buy one other thing than shoes. 10 hours of shopping and I didn't find anything to buy. Ridiculous. It's like there is nothing on the shelves and what is on the shelves,, STINKS!
Ugh, an indirect product of stores not having a line of credit I guess. YAY DEPRESSION!!!
After that meal I could use some weight loss supplements!


Mary said...

Hehe, at Hibachi in Morgantown the chef called the scallops marshmallows. :)

Deeners said...

I love Shogun. But one way to get around the price is to go for lunch. They are the only Hibachi resturant (we have 3, plus the one in Teays Valley) that does the same show and food at lunch. You can the chicken hibachi for 8.25 instead of 15. The only difference is you have to choose between salad and soup and you don't get the two shrimp appetizer. But you get the same food portions. It is a great way to get the same experience for much less.

weight loss pills said...

Hehe, at Hibachi in Morgantown the chef called the scallops marshmallows. :)