Sunday, February 8, 2009

Write some stuff.

Hmmm, write some stuff,, write some stuff. I don't know, I have writer's block I guess!
Let's see, I'll wrap up the events of last week.
Monday- Band, I think everyone paid me, isn't that amazing?
Tuesday- snow, not looking too good for the field trip on Wednesday
Wednesday- snow, no field trip
Thursday- Mom's night out at Cheddars in Ashland. Oh yeah baby. That was GOOD. We had a really super turn out, too. Everyone must have had cabin fever!
Friday- Racina's house. THAT was fun! The kids had a blast and we had the world's biggest hen session. We needed that, we'd all been cooped up too long. Wow,, that's a lot of chicken references. BTW,, she's got the world's greatest dog and I love it and want to steal it.

This week should be very full.
Monday- Band. Early I think, at 3 instead of 4.
Tuesday- EAGLE barring a torrential downpour of snow.
Wednesday- Going to try to take our field trip again to the Power Wagon Factory.
Friday- Project Day.

We'll have to work really hard to get all of our school work in this week. At this rate it will be March before we know it! COME ON MARCH!!
Speaking of Spring. I could stand to do some spring cleaning, I'd love new office furniture !

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