Thursday, February 26, 2009

WV HB 2749

I ran my mouth yesterday before I fully understood what I was talking about.
Who me?

I admit it though and I apologize for that. I never mind discussion, even when it's a bit heated. That's how we learn. Debate is good and yesterday, I learned something.

I learned that on Monday a bill was proposed in the West Virginia legislature that on the surface looks like a wonderful opportunity for homeschooled students that would like to participate in team sports at their local public school. I also learned to look very closely at these things because they are like David Copperfield.
"Hey, look over here, isn't this wonderful?!"
All the while they're slipping something ominous out of their sleeve.
On the surface the bill says that homeschooled students will be required to score at or exceeding the 50th percentile on the required end of year standardized test. Well that's fine,,, right? I mean, if publicly schooled children must maintain good grades then a home schooled child should, too, right?
Well, the ominous part to this is that this bill actually re-writes the Compulsory Attendance: West Virginia Code 18-8-1(a). It changes the language to state that a portfolio review will no longer be allowed for any student, not just those seeking a place on the team.
Portfolio review is a very important part of our WV law. Many parents choose to homeschool their children because they believe that a child does not progress according to a standardized test but by his or her own path. Some children have varying anxiety issues which makes testing counter indicated. Some parents prefer to maintain their personal liberties and believe that the state should have no interest in their children's test scores. I am the latter.
I believe this is a blatant attempt to whittle our hard fought rights away. They will not outlaw homeschooling all at once, they'll just make it so difficult and uncomfortable that no one will want to do it. Families are leaving the public schools in droves. This has to alarm the Department of Education.
Please contact your local representatives and tell them that you want this bill to be amended and that you will NOT COMPROMISE!!! Portfolio needs to stay in the current code.
Here is a link to the proposed bill:

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Eaglesknight said...

I concur Crystal. It is always something that is slipped in between the pages. We just have to read the whole book. I plan on Contacting my representative. I hope others will also so that we can keep this bulldozer from running us over.