Saturday, March 21, 2009

Anne Frank: A Theme Unit

It's been a while since I made a homeschool update.
The last few weeks have been iffy around here for school work. On the first of March, T2 came down with a stomach bug. It came on slowly and lingered long. By the 4th, T1 had it too. Not to be left out,,, The Husband came down with it on the 8th. See a pattern here? Every 4 Days. The entire time I was scurrying around cleaning this and that, making 7up runs and wiping subsequent puddles(sorry, tmi). I was feeling horrible too. At one point I hadn't eaten or drank anything more than a sip or two for a week. The rest of the family eventually mended but I continued to feel really poor. Another week went by and I was feeling worse and worse. By the 15th I felt HORRIBLE. I was in so much pain. I was having crushing chest pains, upper back pain, trouble breathing, dizziness, sweating, pain in the upper arm, neck and jaw. I finally exhausted all known home remedies to make it stop and decided that the ER was in order. It turns out I was having a mild cardiac event, a gall bladder attack and my blood sugar was out of control. My BP was 220/100 when they hooked me up to the machine and my Pulse Ox was like 82.
So I got to spend a few days in the hospital. I have to have my GB taken out, a stint put in, and I'm apparently a diabetic.
This ticks me off beyond words. I mean, I'm a "big 'ol girl" but I'm not like "cut a whole in the side of the house" big. What the heck is happening to me?!??! I've actually even lost 30lbs in the last few months! (Yay me btw!)
So yeah,, school work has taken a back seat. No one has felt like it. Just another awesome bonus to homeschooling!
So the other day we got back on the ball. We have a lot of catching up to do. The Husband has been giving the kids lessons on WWII. I figure it's his specialty so why not let him do it! I'm taking care of the more mooshy side. I'm reading "Anne Frank: A Diary of a Young Girl" with the boys. They are surprisingly pretty into it! After that we may read "Number the Stars" . I'm going to an Usborne book party today and picking up a few books on the subject too.
Here are some online resources we're going to use.
WWII a Thematic Unit PDF

A Reading Group Guide

A Reference Guide (excellent)

A Teacher's Workbook (excellent)


There more be more to come. Right now I have to get out of the house!


Teressa said...

So sorry for all your troubles.I hope you feel better soon.Thanks for the links on WWII,we are not there yet but its always good to have some great links to save.

Duncan Chaos said...

I have a great book for ya, The Fifth Diamond by Irene Zisblatt. She came to speak at the library, probably during all sickness you guys had. It was really cool to listen to her. She is highlighted in a documentary called The Last Days. Check it out.

I hope your health gets better. Let us know if we can help. You have a bunch on your plate right now. Let us help.