Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not Dead Yet

But almost. Man!! have the kids been sick. This is the worst bug we've encountered in a long while. We've been mostly horizontal for 3 days.
It's a shame too because this was going to be a slow activity week for us and we were going to get all kinds of school work done.
Never fails does it?
We're going to skip all activities until we're sure we're not contagious. I don't want anyone to get this vile pestilence. Chris stayed home from work today too. This allowed me to get out and run a few errands.
I have yet to come down with it but I know it's only a matter of time. YAY! not. I'm so run down that I can't imagine how I wouldn't get it. My hands are so dry from washing that they're actually flaking and splitting. Pretty visual huh?
On the upside..
It's MARCH!!!! WHOO HOO! Winter is almost officially over! It's over in my book though. I have daffodils coming up, pussy willows blooming and there are robins everywhere!
I love spring!
Speaking of spring, my youngest child will be 10 on Easter Sunday this year. Sigh.. it's all over. DOUBLE DIGITS! ugh.
That's all I have by way of updates!
The kids can't wait for me to buy them new mattresses. How sad is that? They're getting mattresses from Sam's Club, nothing fancy like a sleep number bed.


Jennifer said...

I love March, if for no other reason then to KNOW warmer weather IS on it's way.

All 3 of our kids have a b-day this month, along with me & quite a few others in our family so all we do is eat cake all month long LOL!!
I hope you all are feeling better, we've been very blessed to have not caught anything this winter *knocks on wood* ;)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

We have some sort of stomach virus here too. Sissy was sick (vomit) on Monday. Tues she just acted puny and Wednesday, she seemed fine. Today, she's thrown up twice already. I've done so much laundry, I'm afraid to see the next water bill!