Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good Food, Great Friends

I attended a Glenn Beck Watchparty last night!
I'm trying really hard not to be disappointed because the evening wasn't disappointing at all. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense but let me see if I can explain myself. This might be hard because I don't know if I can really put my finger on it. Perhaps I'll have some kind of catharsis here? ha ha.
We Americans are feeling frustrated. Not Democrats, Not Republicans, Americans. Everyone can see that the current economic plan is going to bankrupt us, the core values are being dismissed, and our liberties are being stolen from us one by one. There are people out there that are saying "oh, it'll never happen" or "that's awful, but I can't do anything about it" and I understand that. I do! I understand because we call our representatives and they ignore us. We call and we're talked down to like we're unintelligent. They tell us we're drones of Talk Radio.
Then there are the folks that dig in, hang on, and decide that we're not going to take it! This country is OURS. This country belongs to US. I don't mean the conservative "us", I mean everyone! I want people who don't believe like I do to have the same liberties without MY LIBERTY being quashed. I don't like the direction the country is taking because the Progressive definition of "Fairness" seems to be smell an awful lot like "revenge" or "retribution".
Tell the Truth. That's all.
When we found out that nationally known talk show host, Glenn Beck was going to rally us around and introduce a program for those who feel like they are alone in feeling this way, some friends and I were really excited! We immediately started planning a watchparty. Glenn told us to gather all our friends and family and get together and watch the show. There were thousands of watch parties all over the country large and small. We held a covered dish meet and greet and watched the show at 7pm. We all waited anxiously for not a plan really, but just some support in our endeavors to take our country back to the founding father's principles and values.
Well, the food was wonderful, and the friends, old and new, were fantastic. We had a great time talking and eating but the show,, while sweet, was a little disappointing.
Glenn blew snot bubbles. That's always fun. No, really, it's funny. He introduced a new website called . Great site if you can get there. Apparently the biggest server privately available was purchased and the site keeps crashing due to the HUGE amounts of traffic that is coming in. Chuck Norris was on the program via satellite from his watchparty, that was interesting. But other than that? I feel kinda let down. It did accomplish the goal though and I don't regret it. It's always fun to get together with people of like minds.
So, yes, I'm a little disappointed but not completely. This was a catalyst to hopefully something huge! We're already planning on getting together and learning what we can to reaffirm our beliefs in what we know in our gut is right. To use these principles and values to solve our country's problems and do what we can to add to our own personal security.
I've also put a reading list up on the side of my blog. We had some good discussion about that last night.
My personal goal is to do something every single day, no matter how small or large, to add to my family's personal security.
What did YOU do today to add to your security?

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Miranda said...

I was kinda dissappointed in the show also, but maybe it did start something. I think the next meeting will be bigger, with or without Glenn. Thanks for doing what you do best, getting people together!

K Snow said...

I think that the reason we were disappointed is because we are all sooooo frusterated and we were hoping for a "miracle" - a well deserved fast fix.
On the other hand, I am so glad to know that being conservative is more popular then I thought it was.

=CONSERVATIVES NEED TO STOP HIDING THERE POLITICAL VIEWS ==== USE BUMPER STICKERS, CLOTHING, YARD SIGNS...WHATEVER... I cannot tell you how many times I get a thumbs up from other drivers who are too afraid to show their dedication to conservative values!!!!
We Will Get There !!!!