Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The "F" Word.

I don't generally watch much television. I make it a point to watch LOST on Wednesdays but until recently, that's about it. Thanks to a friend, I've become a huge fan of Gordon Ramsey. I LOVE IT!!! This man has no off switch on his mouth! He takes the "F" word to a whole new level.
This is kinda the opposite view from my review on that commercial but the difference is that I watch Gordon when the kids are asleep. It's definitely not a kids show.
There are 3 different shows:
1. Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares
2. The "F" Word.
3. Hell's Kitchen

The "F" Word is actually the better show. He talks more about the food on that one, it's less reality based and oddly enough? I think there's less use of the "f" word in it! ha ha.

Gordon is on Jay Leno tonight. He's making savory crepes.

Any Gordon fans out there?
My friend Judi started a facebook group called "What Would Gordon Do?" where we propose insane situations and discuss how Gordon would handle them. It's fun.. but beware... prolific use of the "F" word! LOL
Come on.. it's all in fun!
Speaking of Facebook. I may need professional help. It's quite addictive is it not?
If I watch any more Gordon, I'm going to need home theater furniture!


Eaglesknight said...

We are big Lost Fans. In fact we do not watch any except we watch it via computer on Friday night minus the Commercials.

Jennifer said...

Facebook is absolutely addictive!! My hubby got me to join & he may live to regret it LOL!!

We've watched Hell's Kitchen but not the other two, and yes it's always after the kids have gone to bed ;)