Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Apologia Light Box

We finally got around to building our light box for science today. It was kinda labor intensive but I think we got a pretty good result!

There is one major problem. For the life of me,, I could not find a fluorescent spiral 15w bulb for the heat source. I fear that I could be headed towards burning the entire house down. I pray that we're not home at the time (fingers crossed).

Instead I have a regular 15w bulb in. I'm still looking for the fluorescent to replace ours but it's looking like I'm going to have to order one. If anyone sees one let me know!!!!

I got some crookneck squash and strait neck squash seeds at the farm supply. I think they'll be good choices since we'll have fruit in about 90 days. Just in time to talk about genetics.
I have so many seeds left over. I think I'll go clear a spot in the garden and plant the rest. Maybe I'll have some ready to pick by late fall!
On other fronts:
T2 has memorized all of his first lesson of spelling words. I made a point of saying MEMORIZED because that's all he did. I want him to realize WHY words are spelled the way they are,, not just memorize them and spit them back out. But for now, and because he's T2, this will do. I didn't make him write his spelling words for his test today, I let him do it orally. I'm not thrilled but we'll move on to list 2 tomorrow.
He zipped through his math today tho! That is until he got to the section on double digit subtraction. He did it fine but none of the problems "carried" and he did every single one backwards. I reminded him and then about 2 minutes later,, I looked down and he's doing it backwards again. SOooooo frustrating.
T1 did very well with his spelling and math today as well. His list was pretty tricky. The only one he messed up was NECESSARY. I do so hate that word! No matter, we can BOTH spell it now!
Saxon 76 is getting right down to business this year! We're already doing algebraic order of operations and we're only 6 lessons in! T1 has got it covered though, both the boys are way better at math than I ever was!
Wow, another day down! Tomorrow is humpday. The days are flying by. Anyone know how to slow them down?


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

I have a 15W flourescent bulb in this lamp right here. It's really worthless for lighting a room. LOL I have no idea where it came from since it's several years old. But you can have it!!! Are you going to Deena's Saturday? I'll stick it in my bag right now. :)

I've never been able to spell necessary either. And I had to double check flourescent! ;)

terryaretta said...

So that's what happened to the light bulb! I was at Mary's this week, she still hadn't replaced that ligt bulb. It's done now.