Monday, July 30, 2007

Wet and Wild Mondays

On Mondays we try and go to the pool. This week we would have gone but I bought the kids a Slip-n-slide over the weekend and they were dying to try it out.
So we invited friends over for a day of slippin and slidin!
I told T1 that he had to mow the lawn if we were going to have company so he got up bright and early and cut the lawn. T2 cleaned the bathroom and went out and set up the slide.
No sooner did we turn on the water than the whole tube up the side burst.
It was still usable but we were all disappointed. No worries, as soon as our company arrived we hopped in the car and went to Target to see if we could find something better. We purchased ANOTHER slip-n-slide. This time it wasn't a generic one, it was from WHAMMO! so it's got to be good right? Wrong.
We get it home and the first kid goes down and pops the retaining pool.
They didn't seem to mind and eventually they came up with a way to combine them both into one whopping 36ft long mud slide! Oh my,, those kids (except for P2 here in the picture) were COVERED with mud and grass clippings! They had a blast tho and I now have a 36ft mud trough in my yard!

Lovely huh? If you'll look in the background you'll see one of the many wonderful reasons that I'll never be able to sell my house . I figure that the mud hole in my yard fits the overall ambiance that the neighbors are trying to portray.

On a sciencey front, our squash is going to outgrow this light box in no time flat! Today is day 8!

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Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

the box looks great. I think it is because it is practical