Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Key Ingrediant.

I was reading Stephanie's Blog and she has run across the coolest website! Look what I was able to do with my Rootbeer Float Cake recipe! The site is called Key Ingredient. There is so much to see there! I could tell you but Stephanie said it best! So head over to her blog and read about it and then get on over to Key Ingredient and sign up!

Light Rootbeer Float Cake

This cake is as tasty as any I've ever ...

See Light Rootbeer Float Cake on Key Ingredient.

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Blonde Goddess said...

I made this cake for my son's spaghetti dinner at school and it was one of the first desserts to go. EVERYONE loved it. I just wanted you to know AND I wanted to thank you for posting it.
There are always so many people who come to potluck's who are diabetic or have heart disease and can't eat any of the desserts served.
I took your suggestion and used a low sugar cake mix...everyone said it was still delicious. I don't know because the cake was gone before I had a chance to try it!
Guess I have to make another one??? LOL