Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Yard Sales!

So, this morning I got to feelin' froggy and I started banging pot lids through the house and told the boys to get their clothes on, we're going yardsaleing. The sun was out and it wasn't RAINING! I had to strike while the iron was hot!

The kids were... confused? Befuddled? Reluctant?

Whatever... they complied, they knew better than to object when mama gets like this. It's better to go with the flow.

So we piled in The Silver Gas Hog and headed out willy nilly looking for sales. At our first stop, T1 scored a CD holder, ( He claimed he "NEEDED IT") and a copy of The Top 10 of Everything for 2006. T1 loves loves loves these types of books. He sucks up info on what is the biggest, the fastest, the most expensive, the hardest etc... like a sponge.

I got a copy of Ayn Rand's Fountainhead. I'm dying to read it! That's a lot of entertainment for $1.00!

We hit a few more with little or no luck. It looked like everyone else thought it was going to be rainy, too. No one was out.

I decided that while we were out we'd trek on up to Milton and see if there was anything good. We hit a sale on Rt. 60 where I picked up a copy of Chemistry for Dummies and a Holt Grammar Guide for $1.00 total. Ok, so we're up to $2.00 for the day,, still not bad, eh?

From there we mosied through the town. I was on the lookout for a babydoll. I need one to try my handknits on to see if they fit. The next stop was a winner. I picked up this baby who was very very VERY well loved. She was 50c and she looked to be the right size. By all accounts I should have left her in the box but I just couldn't. I was drawn to her. When I picked her up, she just FELT good,, you know? So I paid for her and brought her home. I cleaned her up and look.....


Isn't she sweet? While I was cleaning her up, I discovered that she was wearing her origninal outfit and it had a tag in the neckline that said "Victoria" Madame Alexander. Then while I was brushing her hair (Lordy, did it need it) I noticed that her neck said ALEXANDER 1966. I've scored a Vintage Baby Victoria Doll! The first Baby Victoria's were named for Queen Victoria. Mine isn't worth much but I love her.

At the next sale we stopped at T1 hit the goldmine. He saw a table with a few gunstocks on it and when he saw one in particular his poker face completely left him. Now I've tried to teach these kids to haggle and have a good "I could care less if you sell this to me or not" face but T1 is just AWFUL at it! I made him walk away. Just walk away. We walked back to the car and discussed it. The stock had a $15.00 price tag on it. Neither of us knew it's worth but we had a good feeling about it. I gave T1 a ten dollar bill and told him to offer it, if he took it, it was ours,, if not,, we walk away. T1 agreed that if he took it,, it was fate.
He asked and the man was hesitant but it was getting late in the morning so he broke down and accepted the offer. The more he held it, the more he loved it. I figured at the very least they could play with it and maybe he could hang it on the wall.
When we came home and daddy looked it up and examined the markings we found that T1 had been correct, it's a 1916 WWI German Mauser Kar98 stock. Worth up to $200.00.
Pretty sweet no? Here's a picture. You have to understand,, T1's a gun NUT,, next to cars that is!

Not a bad day for $12.00 and gas!
Cat5e Keystone jack


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

That was Milton's "city wide" yard sale that you stumbled across. Not much to get excited about but better than an ordinary Saturday in Milton. LOL We didn't find anything worth $200. My find of the day was a Randall kids meal toy. It's very very hard to find Monsters Inc toys nowadays and I've got a lover of Monsters in my house.

Jennifer said...

You guys scored!!