Wednesday, May 28, 2008

That's Life.

Cats hunt. It's what they do. Our cats have been making short work of the yard rodents.
Ground squirrels
It's not pleasant but they're just doing their job ya know? Yesterday, one of the cats injured a smallish rabbit. Now, I'll rescue them if I think they'll heal but if not, I just let the cats finish them off. Yesterday I made a bad decision. I picked up the rabbit and took it to the underbrush where it could get away. Apparently, it was injured worse than I thought because the cats were terrorizing it again today. This time his front leg injuries were very bad. I called for Chris to get the gun and put this poor creature out of it's misery. Well, the bunny still had enough life in him to scurry away, all the while landing on it's face. It was very pathetic and sad. This erratic scurrying made it very hard to shoot with any kind of accuracy.
This is when T2 saw what was going on. He was HORRIFIED. He bawled and cried. We all tried to explain to him that we were helping that poor bunny, we weren't being mean but it was to no avail. This was a life altering bad day for T2.
I ended up having to grab the bunny's backside to hold it still while Chris put it out of it's misery.
I thought of burying it in the garden but then I decided I didn't want to run into a rabbit carcass later so we buried it elsewhere to keep the critters away.
I'm torn between telling T2 to "toughen up" and feeling sorry for him.
We could all use one of those Orlando vacations after today!

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you are going through. Just yesterday we saw a pile of feathers (all that was left of the bird)just outside the front door. My daughter has a hard time with this because she is so tender hearted. But she loves her cat too and I think is beginning to accept the cat's behavior towards other certain animals. She is getting better with the tears, but still feels the hurt for every bird victim.