Friday, May 23, 2008


I don't know if I should be annoyed or feel lucky. Maybe I'll just be both. I got my lovely check from the Cabell Co. Clerk the other day for my service as a poll worker. I didn't expect it until June so I suppose I'm lucky because it came early. Do you know where I found it? Well, actually I didn't find it, T2 found it.
In the road. Yes, it was in the road. He brought it in to me dripping wet and with multiple tire tracks on it.
I freaked out a little bit but just felt relieved that it had been found. On this day, the mailman had delivered our mail to our door because I'd received a package. We have a REALLY long driveway and our box is at the end of the drive and across the road. Later that evening, Chris comes home and says, "did you notice mail in the road?" "I saw some mail around our box this morning". So,, uh,, my check (which wasn't chump change, it was a sizable check) had been in the road since the day BEFORE!
How lucky am I that someone didn't pick it up! I am annoyed that it was in the road tho. I have 2 theories.
Theory #1
Our box lid doesn't open all the way and it's really hard to get the mail in and out. The mailman probably didn't notice that it didn't make it in the box.
Theory #2
My lovely uncoordinated children dropped it in the road upon retrieving the mail. This is the more likely of the 2 theories.
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