Sunday, September 7, 2008

I knew I loved P-Dub

The Pioneer Woman that is.
What? You don't read the Pioneer Woman's Blog? For shame.
Why are you still here? Go read it,, but come back because I have to tell you one of the reasons I love her.
Because she and I have something in common. If you reach really really far and squint your eyes!
Ree Said:

Is there a certain food that you just absolutely won’t touch?

1. Bananas. They’re from Satan.
2. Tea in any form. Exception: Green Tea Ice Cream, which I love.

I on the other hand love bananas but I do agree that they are from Satan. Because I am whole heartedly allergic to bananas. blah.
And Tea? Hello? How do people consume that stuff? IT'S GRASS CLIPPINGS. It TASTES like grass clippings, it LOOKS like grass clippings, it SMELLS like grass clippings. But whatever,, I'm going to chug some. YUCK. No way. BUT... I do like some of the "fake teas" that are out there. Particularly Kroger's new generic version of the Lipton diet green tea. I do tire of it quickly though.

On other fronts, I have almost recovered from our busy week. The field trip to the Apiary was a success! Here's a slideshow of pictures.

Mom's night out was fun as always. We had a pretty good showing. Our waitress at the Olive Garden in Barboursville, WV STUNK! She was seriously one of the worst waitresses ever. No matter though.
The meeting with the Spanish teacher went well. We start Spanish lessons this Wednesday.
The kids are almost recovered from the slumber party they went to on Friday. T1 has a sprained ankle and I think T2 has finally caught up on sleep.
We have another busy week ahead of us with more picnics and private lessons officially starting.
Shew... it'll be Christmas before we know it!

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Stephanie said...

K was asleep in the van before we got to the church. He drug himself into his bed and slept until 4 then was back in bed at 9. He still is tired, but not grumpy so I'm not complaining!