Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm just sayin'

The stock market crashed in 1929.
Televisions became commercially available in the late 1930s with the first commercial broadcast being in 1941.
Just for giggles,, here's another quick fact that any 7th grader should know. FDR was the president during the Great Depression.
Explain to me please how no one is giving Joe Biden a hard time over this?


Evil Twin's Wife said...

It's been making it's rounds. But, it hasn't been nearly the stink we would have heard if it came from the other side. And they say the media isn't biased....

crystal said...

HA! I know. Hilarious really.

Chris James said...

I guess that Biden's plan is to just never stop talking. Ever Never ever ever.

Then, by the time he screws the pooch and anyone catches it, he is halfway through reading War & Peace to the press and everyone is sound asleep.

This liberal gives you permission (like you needed it :) ) to bash away at Biden. I wanted HRC or Richardson or even Hagel.

crystal said...

ha! Hey,, like I said,, I'm just sayin'! LOL Just puttin' it out there and who ever you are liberal or conservative... you be the judge!