Monday, September 15, 2008

I thought this deserved it's own post.

I received a comment this morning that I thought deserved it's own post. Andrea? I will post your comment here, rather than in it's place under "Little Known Fact".

Just wondering why exactly you are supporting her? What do you think makes
her qualified for the job of VP and possibly the big P?
Thanx Andrea

I reluctantly decided to support the McCain ticket initially because I couldn't vote for a fascist. I do not consider myself left leaning or right leaning but a Libertarian. Pre-Palin, I wasn't exactly voting FOR politics as usual, I was voting against forced servitude, forced equality, heavy taxation, change at ANY cost, a man with ties to terrorists (William Ayers) and mostly a PRESIDENT with no political experience. (i.e., never written a bill and maybe he'll be a real senator one day)

Now, I've been a fan (and I do realize the use of "fan" here, it's not ironic) of Mrs. Sarah Palin for long before her rumored pick for the VP slot. Her freshness and newness leave her without the ability to fear. Some may say it's her ignorance but is ignorance not bliss? She has a clear conscience that other politicians do not have. When her head hits the pillow at night she knows that she has done the right thing for the citizens she serves. No, not at any cost, she uses good judgement. She is a true public servant.

The picks for Pres. and VP are practically meaningless. The presidency in this country is a puppet show. All we are voting for in any election is a figure head, someone whom we admire to lead us, a cheerleader if you will. The president has the power of veto and the VP has the power to break a tie in the senate. That is all we're voting on in any election.

So yes, Sarah Palin will make a better choice when it comes to defending our country (should she be forced into a position of the presidency) , breaking a vote on things that are against my personal morals, and more figuratively she's a better figure head a.k.a. "cheerleader". I cannot in good conscience vote for a man who sympathizes with The Weather Underground. Obama does some nice double talk and condemns the actions of the Weather Underground, however he remains good friends with two (Ayers and Dorhn) of them that remain unrepentant for their actions. They helped launch his political career. No one but Sarah launched Sarah's political career. THAT is why I choose McCain/Palin. No,, not Palin/McCain.

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This is a great post - you said how I feel very well. Thanks.