Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Monday Highlights

  • snow
  • band
  • grammar
  • math
  • Christmas decor

It snowed on and off today. Nothing stuck. I'll take snow to winter rain any day of the week.

I went early to band today. I wanted to catch all the members of the band so I could be sure they all had a shirt to wear to the concert on the 15th. I think everyone but one person has a shirt. I got a greater precentage of the band fees this month than I usually do, that's a bonus. I did forget to pay the band instructor though. I swear,, sometimes I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached.

Grammar took forever today. T2 was required to look up a bunch of words in the dictionary and write their plural forms down. Well our Giant Merriam Webster Large Print Edition assumes that you're not a mental deficiant if you're using it apparently because if it was a simple word then it didn't give the plural form. Does T2 just flip 1 page back in his book, read the rule and use some common sense when asked to write the plural of "bill" down? No. He sits and fumes and fusses and whines "I can't ffffiiiiNNNNNnnnnndddd itttt". By the time he got to "Blueberry" I thought I was gonna kill him.

T1 did excellent on his Algebra quiz today! He only missed 1 out of 38! The one he missed was just a goofy mistake too. That's fine. He neglected to simplify -3^2 properly in one problem. He said it was -9 instead of +9. He coulda kicked himself. I told him I never once in my whole life got an honest to goodness A on an algebra test so that's quite an accomplishment in my book! There were some doozey problems on it too!

I decided this year that I would get the Christmas decor down a little bit at a time instead of all in one fell swoop. I HATE the mess it makes. It takes me all day to sort through the junk and then another day to clean everything back up! So one box at a time this year. I should have it all out in a week or so. I took all the fall decorations down today and put them back in the attic. Flip me a fish, right?

Just another exciting Monday.


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Anonymous said...

"I can't ffffiiiiNNNNNnnnnndddd itttt".

We have that phrase at LEAST once a day around here or "I can't dooooooo ittttt"