Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wednesday Highlights

  • Science Club
  • Hair Cuts
  • Yahoo Crashed
  • More Christmas junk
  • My Husband>Tom Hanks

Science Club rocked my socks off again today. We have such an awesome group of parents, we really do. Lynda's Mike brought in his kit full of orthopedic hardware and told the kids all about how it was used. There was real bones to touch and examine. We learned about all of our joints, different types of fractures, how screws are put into bones, what happens when you get a plate put in your head, etc. It was REALLY cool. The "impressive" factor will be hard to top on that one!

After we finished up with Science Club I took the boys to lunch and to get their hair cut. Boy did they ever need it. I coulda knit a sweater with the hair that was on the floor. We tried out a new barber. Our old barber retired after a massive heart attack. This guy did a real good job and was kinda funny too. He gave T1 a Peter Boyle!

HA! He spun him around in the chair and told him "welp,, I'm done! Do you like it?" LOL The look on T1's face was priceless.

When we came home I went to check my email and I just about had a small heart attack. Yahoo did not exist! I mean,, it was no where to be found! Google found ZERO results for ""

After trying about 20 different ways to get to my email and making 12 different calls I was ready to get a brown paper bag and start breathing into it. I tried one more time and a teensey bit of the page came up. I refreshed, a teensey bit more appeared. Each time I refreshed, it got a little bit better. Ok, blood pressure is going down. Eventually it came back up. It was a rude awakening. I depend on it WAY too much.

I ALMOST have all the Christmas junk up. I think there is one more box up there in he attic, somewhere. It took me until 1am to get the mess cleaned up that the 3 boxes I got down made. Little bits of garland, packing paper, random boxes, OH MY!

Do you remember this commercial?

It's a spoof on the movie Castaway. My husband is the FedEx guy. He does his job very very well. Well today he had a package for the woman that killed our best friend. He delivered the package and was completely professional. This was a bigger accomplishment than hanging onto a package for 5 years while being stranded on an island. I'm just sayin. I know his boss knows they have a great employee in him but I don't think they realize just HOW exemplary he really is.

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