Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Highlights

  • Spider Graveyard
  • Mom's Night Out
  • Heater was messed with again
  • Kittah Trap

What's up with my house? We have spiders everywhere!! OMG,, I hate spiders so much. I mean really, I panic and get light headed and I have to quit talking about it. (puts head between knees) Our house (more specifically our bathroom) has become the place where nasty creepy disgusting brown spiders have come to die! (and live sometimes). In the summer we see more spiders when it's getting ready to rain but I've never seen this many cold weather spiders before! I looked briefly for a picture to include but I started to see the room spinning so you'll just have to use your imagination.

Tonight was mom's night out. I love Mom's night out so good. It's nice to get to go out and chit chat with other mommies without being interupted 10 zillion times. Not to mention getting something good to eat. Tonight we went to Max and Ermas. I didn't tip my waitress. She wasn't very attentive, my well done burger was medium rare and she stood over me waiting for money and she hadn't given me a bill! Yeah,, no tip for you. I had a good time otherwise tho.

About a month ago, our new heating unit stopped working. We had Chris's uncle come over and look at it. Well they quickly found out what had happened. Someone had sabotaged the power disconnect. Hmmmm,,, very suspicious. No big whoop really. A mild inconvienience. Well, this morning I woke up again to an ultra chilly house. I shuffled around for a while before I went to look at the thermostat. Blank again. Same thing as last time. I went outside to check the box and sure enough,,, it was standing open and the someone had messed with the lever again. It's getting real old. Just sayin.

A friend came over to play with, I mean,, watch the kids tonight so his wife and I could go out. He brought a Havaheart trap for the fox. As soon as he went out to set it he said "your cats are going to end up in this!" Well, wouldn't you know it? As soon as Chris came home he found our old fat male cat in the trap. Poor kittah,, he was so so stressed. Keep your fingers crossed that we get a fox!

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