Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday

To me.
Man I'm old.
I don't guess I really am but I sure feel it.

Tuesday is the first day of my annual diet. I'm not going to be able to get out of this one though. I have a dozen other people doing it with me and watching my every move. They've promised to scorn me and make fun of me if I quit.
.... whatever it takes.... right? ha ha ha
We're going to have what we call HOMESCHOOL BIGGEST LOOSER. Catchy and original, no?
We're going to each put $5 in a hat each time we meet and weigh in. We'll have a cash prize each month for the person with the biggest percentage of weight lost. Not the most pounds. The prize in May will be somewhere around $400. Worth the effort!
I'm going to use the weight watchers plan again. I know it works and it's easy.
Tuesday is also the first day of our new homeschool group classes. (not coincidentally) I'm ready but I'm really nervous about how it'll go!
Today our brown chicken escaped from the chicken yard and made a nest in the snow and laid her egg right out in the yard. That bird is nuts. I think we're going to get her some real fertilized eggs to sit on. She might be ready.
The boys did some a few things for Project Day today. T2 did a survival kit and T1 did a homemade compass. We've been reading "My Side of the Mountain" so this went right along with that.
Other than that,, nothing really to speak of.
Stay Warm!


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!

Our hen still hasn't decided if she is sitting on that nest. I will try to snag you some fertilized eggs though. Interested in duck eggs?

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Happy Birthday! Good luck with the Biggest Loser!

Lawanda said...

Happy Birthday!!! Have fun with your Biggest Loser! I love Weight Watchers!!! :)

That chicken IS nuts! LOL

Homeschool Mom said...

Happy Birthday! I wish I lived close enough to do the Homeschool Diet with ya... :(

Charmingia Hardassia said...

You're not getting older, you're getting better!

goodnessgraciousWV said...

Happy Birthday Crystal!!! I hope you felt better for the first day of EAGLE!

grace :)