Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Mean.

The boys are signed up for a Running training class. Their assignment this week is to run 1 minute and walk 2 minutes for 30m every other day. This is going to be really good for them if we can overcome a few obstacles.
When we got up this morning, I still felt pretty crappy. It's amazing how much snot a body can produce isn't it? I'm also pretty weezey so I didn't need to be out in the cold that's for sure. I needed somewhere we could get some excersize without having an asthma attack.
So about 8:30am I packed the boys up and took them to the mall. I thought, if it's crowded, we'll just walk really hard, if it's not then I'm make them do a light jog while I walk really fast. Well the place was deserted. "This is perfect" I thought.
Midway through our second lap a mall cop struts up hiking his pants by his belt and says "YOU BOYS WILL NOT RUN IN THIS MALL" real belligerent like. Well, I expected to get some flack from somebody for what we were doing but there was no need for that because I was standing right there with them. RIGHT BESIDE THEM. I put my hand on T2's head and on T1's shoulder and said "They're with ME, I have it under control." Well he "hrrummph"ed , nodded and walked away.
This was just about more than T1 could handle. T1, my child that has an overactive sense of what is right and wrong, a child who I've never caught in a lie, a child who blindly respects anyone in a uniform was devastated that someone with a belt and a badge had yelled at him. He was so embarrassed. A few moments later I told him "Don't you let that mall cop intimidate you, he can take it up with ME" and I thought he was gonna shrivel up and die.
About this time T2 starts crying and complaining that I was killing him. I start getting scornful glares from old lady mall walkers and I even heard one mutter something about torture.
What the heck ever.
I was walking faster than they were jogging and I have a good 170lbs on him! I asked him if he was sick or hurt and he said "no" so I made him keep on amidst the judging eyes of the elderly and pseudo authority.
So yeah,, I'm mean.
Here's the thing,, if I let these kids grow to be like 700lbs people will say "she shoulda made them excersize!" and if I make them excersize then I get scornful glares. I guess I'm just a meanie pants because they're going to keep it up and in the mean time I'm going to get some excersize too!


Lynda said...

Maybe we should join you....or maybe not....I don't know if you'd want or need Anthony in the mix.

'Course I do so enjoy hibernating here at home....

I'm glad you're being such a great mom & helping them with their homework.

crystal said...

HA! You're welcome to come walk with us! Maybe Tris would be too embarrassed to start that crying stuff if Anthony was with us!