Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some Goals for the Week.

This week at Backyard Academy will be a busy one as usual.
Monday- We have Band practice and I'd also like the boys to start a new project for next months project day/speech class. We've been waiting until the last minute on our projects and it really shows. This month *I* will pick because when I leave it up to them they change their mind 40 times.
Tuesday- Book work as usual but then we have roller skating. I'm sorry for those home schoolers that are coming from the far end of town but I'm loving it now that skating is like 10m from my house!
Wednesday- Science Club and Library day. We rarely get any actual book work done on Science club days but come on.... we're extracting DNA!!! that's some good stuff!
Thursday- Blissful nothingness. Lots of bookwork, maybe watch "My Side of the Mountain" since we finished the book. YAY NETFLIX!
Friday - bookwork and we have a 4H meeting at 3pm.

Then you know what? It'll be the last week of January. I can't tell you how happy this makes me. I do so HATE winter. I mean, I could list you a bunch of reasons why it's wonderful that we have winter and all that jazz. My brain knows winter is God's design and it kills bugs and etc but I despise it. It's not the cold, it's not the snow, I rather like those parts. It's the MUD and the GRAY and being cooped up. BLARGH!

The diet is going exceptionally well. It hasn't been hard at all yet. If we can get over the crud I'd like for us to start walking/running every day. The guys are trying to eat better too but they're just clueless. I went to the store to get a few of their favorite pizza's last night and they were bragging that they didn't eat the entire thing so that's good right? Well they ate half (each, I bought 2 pizzas) and for this particular pizza that's 1200 cal. and a whopping 60 grams of fat.
HO-LEE MOLE-EE. That's an entire day's worth of calories and WAY too much fat for one setting. I'm not saying I haven't done it, obviously I have but they're going to have to start paying more attention to their portion sizes.
They were stunned. If it tastes really good,, chances are it's REALLY bad for you! LOL


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Yes, I'm ready for March or at least April to get here. At least it's typically warmer!

Dennis Bills said...

Hi Crystal,

Have occasionally read your comments on WAVHS list. Read your blog, and then found links to the online portfolios. Seems like a neat idea. You have done it more than once, so it must have worked for you. Have some questions about that if you do not mind.

So that you need not worry about tinfoil hats when communicating with me, I am a former administrator at Covenant in Bville, now homeschooling my three boys (or at least my wife is), and pastoring a small church in Winifrede WV.

Have not found an obvious email link on the blog, so could you please contact me if not inconvenient. Can be contacted through my website:


Dennis Bills

crystal said...

Will do Dennis, but it may be later on tonight. We have a jam packed day today!