Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Oh, the snow was soooo awesome before it started to rain yesterday! The husband and I kept telling the kids legendary stories about how it would snow when we were kids but I'm not sure they believed us. The truth is that it hasn't snowed more than a few inches in my oldest's lifetime. This is the biggest snow they've ever encountered. Not that it was all that spectacular, but it was pretty good.
Before the rain came that is. Man is it nasty out there. We've been hearing trees fall all night and the electricity threatened and flickered many times. So far we've been lucky and we still have power. The sleeping bags and emergency heat are at the ready though.
We're supposed to get another 4 inches tonight and again on Friday. Be careful what you wish for huh?
Many forts were built yesterday. The snow was PERFECT for it. It just stuck together like play dough.


The chickens didn't leave the coop all day. Poor birds.

These days when our schedule is so out of whack, it's really hard on the diet. I just want to sit around, drink hot chocolate and eat cookies. But this is what got me into this mess right? So I persevered I didn't eat a bunch of junk, I stayed on track. Today is day 16 without one flub up. I've stayed within my calorie allowance for 16 days. For quite a few days in a row my weight stayed steady and I didn't loose an ounce. I stuck in there though. I reasoned with myself and said "it's impossible for a woman your size to eat this many calories a day and not loose weight eventually" Well, this morning the scales told the tale. I'm down another 2lbs. Whoo hoo!
Well, it's early and cold so I'm going back to bed! Stay warm and dry!

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~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

cool fort! you must have gotten more snow than us b/c we still have grass showing -- granted, the grass is kind of high, LOL, but there's no way we could have built a fort without stacking ALL the snow in the yard. There's more coming now. Maybe we can build a fort tomorrow.