Friday, April 6, 2007


I know why I've been slacking lately! It's that evil Glenn Beck on the Ra..di..ooOOoo. I can't get anything done until NOON! I'm going to just have to discipline myself to download it to my ipod so I can listen to it when the kids are done with school.

T2 is in there practicing his guitar....or errr,,, goofing off with his guitar whislt I yell at him and say "I BETTER HEAR YOU PRACTICE OR YOUR 20 MINUTES STARTS OVER!" ugh. I wondered why it sounded like a dying cat. I tuned it and now it sounds much better. He had every string tuned to E.

Now T1s all done with his history and he's starting in on his music practice. It's going to sound like the apocolypse in here. Trombone and guitar. All I can say is.... "wow" and pass the earplugs.

OH,, hip update. I'm supposed to stay off of it for 2 weeks. Oh,, it is to laugh. Apparently, I'm not giving it time to heal and that's what's causing the cyst. whatever. I will make an effort but I don't see it happening. Well, we're off to the library now to pay fines and get more books. YEAH!
Happy Easter ya'll!

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Emily said...

Ah! Always nice to know that I am not the only one slacking because of Glenn Beck. DH calls him my "other man". LOL!
Love the blog!