Wednesday, April 18, 2007

tomorrow's list

8:00am get up, clean up
9:00am school work begins (mama throws some laundry in)
12:00pm lunch
12:30pm (cutting it close here!) go pick up mom and take her to therapy
1:00-2:30 help mom with her therapy
3:00 take mom home, help her with the house a bit
4:00 Science
5:00 get dinner going
6:00 mommy collapse time
7:00 Kiddo time
8:30 Start baths
9:30 Bed time
10:00pm LOST (gotta watch Lost!)

Oh forgot to schedule in a walk for us. Maybe we can squeeze one in the morning.
Our walk today turned into a nature walk. Good thing as we didn't get any science in. As we were hiking around the boys located a massive dirt pile to play on. I wandered over to the edge of the swollen Mud River (we've got some ugly flooding right now!) and I spooked a wild turkey that was sitting on her nest!

Wow! it was so freaky seeing that gigantic bird lumber through the air! The kids were right behind me in lightning time when they heard the commotion. I was lucky that bird didn't fly right into me. It reminded me a lot of when a deer chased me through the Appalachian Trail (remember that Mary?)
What is it with me and wild animals?


~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Yep, I remember and now I'm LOL at that memory and the visual of that turkey chasing you!! Seriously, I can't quit laughing! Very cool about the turkey eggs though.. that's not something you see everyday (or ever, in my case).

Stephanie said...

Oh that it an awesome find. We have turkeys on the property, but have never found a nest!