Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Those of you who came to blogger from homeschoolblogger remember the wonderful friends list right? Ahh,, loved that friends list! Well I keep getting questions about a friends list for Blogger. I haven't answered anyone because it's one of those things that if I give it a quick answer, it'll leave you hanging so I kept thinking, "I'm going to answer that when I have time". Yeah right! Well, here's my answer!
I use Google Reader. It rocks! It's a free service and it piles all the blogs that you read into one easy peasy page! It has a very easy to organize feature that will allow you to check the blogs that you read the most. It's the blue field to the left on the above picture.
I love it. It does exactly what I need it to do! I've been using it for quite a while now.
You may have to open up a free google email address but that's quick and easy. I also log in with my yahoo address so either might work.
Once you've signed up, subscribing to your favorite blogs is super easy. The way I do it goes like this:
1. I see a blog I like and I copy everything that is in the address bar by highlighting it, right click, copy.
2. I open a new tab (or if you are running an older version of explorer- File- open new page) and go to Google Reader.
3. After I've signed in, I see that there is a green bar in the blue bar on the left. It says "Add subscription". When you click that a screen like this will come up-

4. Now just paste what you copied right into that bar that says "Keywords". Click "Search for Feeds" and viola!
5. A search will happen and it will come up with the feed information that you need to subscribe! It really works!

I spent so long trying to read up on and understand RSS feeds and all I have to say about all of that is PLLLEEEGHH,,, techno jargon. Yuck. If you are not already using Google reader, trust me, you can do this! No more clicking all over the place to read all your blogs!

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Sheri said...

Thanks so much for providing this information for everyone. :)