Monday, April 23, 2007

Saturday Night

Hmmm, burning scrap out in the yard. What could be trashier than that? It's fun though, ya know? C had been cleaning the garage again this weekend and decided to get rid of a bunch of scrap wood so we had a marshmallow and hotdog dinner! T2 did not partake of course. If you read on into my next post, you'll understand why!

I LOVE my light up knitting needles! Sitting around the campfire and knitting. What could be better?!

T1 havin' a dog!

We had quite a blaze going. C prides himself on the "one match rule". No accelerants and ONE match.


Stephanie said...

Light up needles?! Really cool. We had a fire too Saturday. Tis the season!

Vicki said...

Hi Crystal,
Love reading your blog...our families have alot in common...homeschooling, knitting, the alpacas!!!