Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tuesday Co-op

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who leaves my a nice comment that doesn't have a blog! I know quite a few of you are from the WVHEA list (Vicki, Dianna!) and I just haven't gotten a moment to email you back. Thanks for your encouragement!

Tuesday's Co-op meeting went so well! One of the moms brought in all kinds of wonderful things from the Philipeans. The kids hung on her every word and that's really saying something! We also had a traditional dish to eat. It was wonderful and almost everyone loved it. NONE was left! Even the little kids were sufficiently entertained. This session taught me a lot and I hope we'll have many more sessions like this next year. Co-op is over for the year except for the picnic. The boys are kinda bummed, they were really getting to a place where they looked forward to it.

We've decided to take a little mini vacation. A 5 day weekend if you will. Wednesday we went out to "The Farm" as the boys call it. I brought their bikes and my friend T and I didn't hear from them for hours! Gotta love that!
Today? We're just slacking. I just don't have the fortitude to fight with T2 today. Maybe we'll read something and make some decorations for the "classroom tree" later. I don't see tomorrow getting much better.

I still haven't settled on a Language Arts book for next year. I've got my catalogs and I've pretty much settled on the following:
Science- Apologia Botony (ON SALE RIGHT NOW FOR $24.95 W00T!)
Math- Saxon 3 and 76
History- Mystery of History Vol.1
Spelling- Sequential Spelling

Some things I'm on the fence about are:
Draw*Write*Now and Daily Grams
Anyone have any opinions on these?

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Stephanie said...

I haven't even started thinking let alone buying for next year yet!