Thursday, April 5, 2007

I'm a slacker

I feel like I've been slacking in just about everything lately. I'm not sure why because nothing could be further from the truth. I've done quite a bit of spring cleaning, and we've plugged right along with school even though the sunlight has been calling out names! Maybe it's because I haven't been writing everything down. My dear husband reminded me of that too.
"you haven't updated your blog lately", "what are you guys doing?"
Well, the answer to that is "nothing much". It seems as though we're not abnormal. Everyone has that end of the year slacker mentality right now.
Ok, enough pity party. On with the accomplishments.
*Gutted both boys rooms
*Patched walls and prepped for paint
*Tom is finished with Math for the year
*Completed the worlds largest mound of laundry (see the first accomplishment)
*Had an MRI on the old woman hip (I *HATE* MRIs)
*Got rid of a bunch of stuff for a yard sale
*listed some books on

Tonight I hope that I can get out of the house a bit. It's mom's night out with the homeschool mommies and I hope I can get a movie and some Easter shopping in too. We shall see. Chris won't be home till late and I'm down a baby sitter so I'm going to have to do some creative wrangling to get out of here. I've also got a follow up on my weird hip this morning. It seems that the reason (possibly) that my hip cracked is that I have a cyst in my hip socket. When I stooped down, it must have been just too much pressure and that's when it cracked. I don't know what the plan of action is on that but I'll know more later I suppose. That reminds me- (must pack up boys books for school AT the drs office). Oh,, they are gonna LOVE that!
Goals for this week include-
*focusing on Tristen's math
*focusing on Thomas's writing (research paper)
*hit the library for new history lesson and weather unit
*paint bathroom
*mop floors
*come up with something creative for co-op (anyone have an ideas for learning about the Philippines?)
*get more reading time and instrument practice time in

Gripe of the day?
My insurance sux. T2 has needed to go back to the psych for a while but every time I call up the insurance to get them to refer me to someone in our network, it's a nightmare! I call, they say "go to so and so", I go, they don't pay, I rack up huge bill. IT SUX! So we've just not been going which is a huge mistake. So I spent most of yesterday trying to get T2 into see a new therapist. No luck. No one is taking new patients and the one LOW quality mental health facility that could possibly get him in won't return my calls. I called the local rep for NAMI (the National alliance for Mental Illness) to get an advocate and he was very little help at all. Just between you, me and the other leigions of people who have nothing to do but read my blog (HA!) I think most of the mental health professionals I've encountered have been crazier than us and that's really saying something!

Well, I must bathe now and get myself and the boys' ready for my illustrious dr's appt.


Becca said...

I'd like a big ole handful of that Slacker Jack.

Tis the season to slack somehow, although it seems like you don't really qualify from that list you offer. Just the first two items on your list are more than I've accomplished all week.

Sorry to hear about your hip. I've got wonky joints, nothing terrible yet, but they are so annoying.

Insurance companies are staffed by demon spawn.

~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

ROFL at slacker jack. You find the cutest pictures!! I don't really think you can put that pic and that huge list in the same post though. You've been a busy bee!